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Teriyaki Boy in Promenade, Greenhills

It has been a while since I last visited a restaurant for comfort foods. I have been on a go-for-slim routine for this summer that is why I neglect to eat yummy foods and sweets and I just ate cereals, fruits, and vegetables, which made me sick! Since March 15 was my birthday, this day, oh not that really an exempted with eating but then a day to eat foods that will give justice to my birthday. 

Paul, Ate Pi, and I, after we watched the My MYX Awards Night at Music Museum (which I will be posted on coming days), we ate at Teriyaki Boy, Promenade Greenhills. This was also to celebrate my day! Once again, a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ha-ha.

Here are the foods that we have ordered.

My day and night have filled of so much fun and joy. Seeing many celebrities was a plus and meeting new people was awesome. To those who greeted me via text and facebook, thank you so much! You made my day extra special. Thanks God for the blessings and for showering me so much love. 


By the way, Teriyaki Boy has the coolest Gen Mai Twisters that will surely give total refreshment!

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  1. I always order the Ebi Tempura from Teriyaki Boy! :)

  2. I always order the Ebi Tempura from Teriyaki Boy! :)


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