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Pasalubong from Roma Italia!

Ate Pi spent 5 days getaway vacation in Italy. It is also a dream vacation for me, because I wanted to visit Vatican and to see Pope and blessed by Him. Ate Pi is one of the lucky people who visited the Vatican City and other beautiful cities in Italy. I am still hoping that one day I am able to pay a visit there. 

I did not miss to remind her that I wanted a rosary as her pasalubong to me, which she did not fail to give. I love the rosary. Red. Scented. Beautiful. Awesome. I just love the way it is because of God Jesus. 

This rosary is scented. I love it!

These chocolates are a plus. I love this not that sweet chocolate, I did not get satiated of its taste, and I just wanted more. 

There are so much more of good and bad things Italy have. Thanks Ate Pi for these pretty and sweet-y pasalubong for us and for the exciting stories you have shared on your Italy escapade.

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