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Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf

Its weekend, a time to unwind and unleashed the chaotic workload. Aside from that, it is my birthday week. Loaded of fun and enjoy moments with my family, loved ones, friends, and with Paul. Another year of making the best moment of my life where when I grow old, older and oldest, I have a memories worth to cherish and to reminisce with the people I am with. It is also the best memories that I wanted to share to everyone, to laugh with, to cry with, and even to be criticize. Life is the best blessing I ever had, that is why I am enjoying every second of it. Well, I am just living my life to the fullest!

Enough of the talking, Paul and I went to TRINOMA to have some coffee. Well technically, what we ordered was not a coffee drinks. We just love the Sunrise ICE BLENDED® Drink of the Coffee Bean and The Tea Leaf. It always awakens our taste buds from its creamy perfection created from the orange juice and vanilla blended together. Aside from that, the comfy ambiance Coffee Bean and the Tea Leaf serves to us is spectacular as always that keeps us coming back. Oh well, their service is always consistent whichever branch we visit. 

This was the photo of their Trinoma Branch ceiling it is awesome. Whenever I look at them, I feel relaxed and sleepy, it is always the best place to chill after mall hopping and shopping.

What we have ordered?  

Sunrise ICE BLENDED® Drink

Moreover, I love their cheesecakes. They are fluffy and sumptuous and they are not that sweet.

Toblerone Cheesecake
Another day has passed and yet another memory has been capture.
Fun. Love. Happy. Beautiful.

Till Next Time,


  1. Oooohhh... I've never even considered the food from here! It looks good though. :)

  2. Oooohhh... I've never even considered the food from here! It looks good though. :)

  3. Hi, great post it looks very yummy coffee bean .I loved it.


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