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Flapjacks in Greenhills

Every Saturday P and I go out. Time for ourselves as a bf and gf, it is more on shopping and eating around the metro. I love how we jive especially on foods. I have been eyeing Flapjacks for a long time, since most of the weekends, we were in Greenhills and been seeing this restaurant. However because there are plenty of restaurants that serves yummy foods, we always passed by Flapjacks. Nevertheless, not last Saturday, P and I ate on Flapjacks, we’ve experienced the good food that they were serving, and the best service I ever experienced throughout my adventure on eating in different restaurant. The staff were so friendly and attentive especially the General Manager R that personally interacts with its customer. Moreover, kudos to Flapjacks for having such a good general manager as well as the staffs that really gives a happy face on every customer that entered Flapjacks.

However, Flapjacks offers limited dishes from their menu. So let us talk about the foods that we ate. I have ordered the below foods from their New American Food Collection.


Cajun Spiced Pork Chop 

Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions

Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings

For Drinks we had:

Jack and the Bean Stalk and Ginger's Lemonade
Cajun Spiced Pork Chop meat has no taste. The spicy and the taste of the pork depends on the sauce it has on top, so the more sauce it has the better and the more tasteful it was. Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallions was somewhat has a sweet taste because of the bacon around the meat. Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings was two thumps up for me. The spicy and garlic taste blends really well on chicken meats. I loved this!

F&B Arts Plaza
Greenhills Theatre Mall
San Juan City, Philippines

Have a great weekend!

Till next time,


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  1. I'd like to try the bacon-wrapped medallions! Shet, sarap!


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