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Pantene Night Miracle Leave On Crème Serum

I am so much obsessed with my crowning glory. I have tried several products that promised beauty miracles on my very dull, super dry and damaged, on which split ends where splits into four, lifeless hair, but almost all of them failed to bring back its beauty. It is so stressful. 

However, GIVING UP is not an option. I am still eager to look for alternatives that will boost out my hair’s inner beauty though sometimes it is too costly. Now, Pantene Night Miracle took its place to prove that its wonder will work on my hair. I have been using it for almost three weeks, and I can say that a miracle is happening right now.

What I am doing every night; I put Pantene Night Miracle Leave on Crème Serum on my hair then I comb my hair for about twenty times.. Ha-ha. I am too lazy to make it 100 times and sometimes two-three combs were enough for me. 

Moreover, I am happy with the results from the three weeks used of it and I will post the before and after photos of my hair on its first month of usage, probably it will be on next week. My hair is somehow smooth and manageable now.

In addition to that, my sister also using this Pantene Night Miracle Crème and happy with her hair, because it is so soft, silky and smooth too. She can just finger comb her hair to style.

How about you guys, have you tried using it? Have you witnessed its miracle to your hair?

That’s all folks,

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