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Mango Juice of Lotte

I love Mango! Even I am eating on a restaurant I always ordered Mango Shake or Juice. Last last month when we visited the Duty Free Philippines, I have bought this Lotte Mango Juice and I love the taste. It tasted like a juice that extracted from a fresh mango.

By the way, I am going to White Rock Beach Resort this weekend! Meaning, there will be more foods to try to eat. I am so excited because this getaway is for FREE sponsored by our Company, ha-ha, in short, this is a weekend company outing. This is our “huling hirit sa tag-araw” even though it is raining. 

Happy Weekends!

Till Next Time,


  1. My family does not understand this but I loooooooove Mango ice cream! :-) It's so tart and yummy!

  2. Hi Mich,
    Yeah, Mango Ice Cream is also the best. Anything with mango is yummy! =)


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