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Rains and Floods

News Report: Classes are Suspended! 
Students:  Yehey! - going back to bed when woke up early, but if already in school going to the mall for some window-shopping.

I am also one of those students that feel happy whenever there is an announcement like that, but at this moment, I am already four years graduate. Arrrghh, time flies so fast. Now, I am facing to the world's real life, wherein even though it was raining so hard, flooding everywhere, I still need to get up and need to go to the office, to work! It is raining, and I know floods are everywhere, so I decided to wear shorts but still need to look presentable.

What I wore:

white Blazer | thrifted
top | forever21
gray short |  bayo
necklaces | forever21 - from bohol - trinkets royale manila
braided belt | forever21

Happy Weekend!

That's all folks,


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