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When I was in High School, I am prone to break-outs because of the sensitive skin that I have, and what left to my face are the acne scars that I still am working to get rid of. However, before the one acne scar vanishes; another one will pop-out! So stressful and I hate it, well, who would love such ugly thing on your face or onto skin. I wanted to look my face clean and clear, free from break-outs and acne. That’s why, I always look for products that will and make my skin acne-free!

I heard and read a lot about Proactiv Solution. How it does wonders to the face of the many girls like me that hoping and wishing to have an acne-free skin. And every time I surf Amazon I always added it to my cart and wait for another 30 days to be ship here in Manila. Good news is I don’t have to pay costly tax and shipping fee just to have it, because PROACTIV SOLUTION is now available in the Philippines. * Super smile *

Proactiv Solution brings you a total approach in acne management. It has a complete line
of different products that takes care of the overall condition of acne prone skin. Proactiv has a wide variety of items that will cater to the common problems of your skin, may this be acne marks, dry skin or just simply for protection.

These products are readily available in all Proactiv Mall Kiosks. Listed also who can use it and what it does to prettify our skin. So better keep reading. *wink*

Proactiv Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15 
50ml  (Php1,099)

Moisturizing sunscreen helps to keep oily skin hydrated, balanced, and healthy.
Key Ingredients:
Octinoxate and Zinc Oxide- These ingredients are recognized for UVA and UVB sun protection and won’t cause break outs.
Who should use it: This is ideal for people with dry or oily skin and frequently exposed to sunlight.
What it does: Provides moisture with out added oil; It also protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that damages the skin.


Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer
30ml (Php1,099)

Perfect daily moisturizer for dry, acne prone skin absorbs and hydrates instantly. This feather-light moisturizer absorbs instantly, designed to deliver deep hydration to dry, tired skin. It’s formulated with concentrated botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants for a moisturizing experience that’s as healthy as it is refreshing.
Key Ingredients:
Green Tea EGCG – a potent inflammatory antioxidant helps fight P acne Cytobiol Iris A – a concentrated blend of botanical extract s designed to help inhibit bacterial growth, regulate sebum and regenerate tissue Retinyl Palminate – designed to promote skin elasticity and reduction of fine lines caused by UV Damage.

Who should use it: Ideal for people with dry, acne prone skin.
What it does:  Provides moisture, hydrates the skin without clogging the pores and feeling greasy.

Proactiv Clarifying Night Cream
30ml (Php1,199)

Skin clarifying pore treatment combines acne-fighting salicylic acid
with retinol for powerful anti-aging benefits.

Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid – Clears acne and blemishes and helps prevents future breakouts.
Retinol – known as Vitamin A, helps refine skin’s texture.
Who should use it: People who are acne prone and sensitive to benzoyl
peroxide. This is ideal for people who want to have anti-acne and
anti-ageing benefits in one product.
What it does:  Acne Treatment; It contains salicylic acid to eliminate most acne blemishes and help prevent new break outs. Plus, retinol to help improve clarity of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s the perfect night cream for acne-prone skin.


Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash
240ml (Php 999)

Deep Cleansing medicated body wash fights acne on your back, chest &
shoulders – everywhere!

Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid – 2% concentration is excellent in healing and helping prevent acne break outs Camelia Oleifera Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel – these gentle
botanicals soothe and heal skin.
Who should use it: Ideal for people with acne all over the body especially in shoulders, chest and back. This is also a good alternative to benzoyl peroxide.
What it does: Acne Treatment for Face and Body; It is formulated to unclog pores and reduces oiliness while preventing future breakouts. It also made to clear blemishes on the entire body.

Proactiv Daily Oil Control
50ml (Php 899)

Eliminate shine with our breakthrough lotion for oily skin! A dramatic breakthrough in skin care, this oil-free formula gently helps your skin balance its own natural oil levels to help stop excess oil before it starts.
Key Ingredients:
Cyclomethicone – This silicone is used for its water repelling and skin adhering properties, Nylon-12 – a unique and efficient oil absorber.
Who should use it: Ideal for people who want to manage their oily skin.
What it does: Oil Absorber; it helps keep pores from clogging, skin from looking shiny and make up from streaking.


Proactiv Sheer Finish Compact Foundation
Php 995

Medicated foundation covers beautifully as it helps to heal blemished skin! A lightweight powder to wear alone or over Compact Foundation. It evens skin tones and absorbs oil to help keep your skin smooth and fresh looking all day. Available in various shades: Light, Medium or Tan.
Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid – Heals existing acne blemishes and helps prevent
future breakouts, Silica – Highly absorbent silica to soak up excess oils.
Who should use it: Ideal for people that are acne prone and wants to cover their acne blemishes.
What it does: Medicated powder which helps prevent pimples from forming; it has salicylic acid that keeps pores clear and clean while giving a soft and natural finish.

Proactiv Sheer Finish Translucent Pressed Powder
P 995

Sheer and light-weight pressed powder goes on smoothly and translucent for a truly flawless finish.
Key Ingredients:
Silica and Kaolin – Both help absorb excess oils from the skin to keep pores clear.
Who should use it: Ideal use for people with Oily Skin.
What it does: Oil Free Make Up; Eliminates shine and controls oil for a fresh face throughout the day.


Proactiv Mild Exfoliating Peel 
30ml (Php 1,099)

Great for reducing the number of acne pimples.
Key Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid
Who should use it: Complementary product for people with Oily Skin.
What it does:  Acne treatment. Specially formulated with Salicylic Acid to penetrate pores for a clearer complexion. Mild sloughing action rolls away built-up sebaceous oil on the skin’s surface, while calming botanicals soothe the skin.


Proactiv Daily Protection plus Sunscreen SPF 30 
118ml (Php 1,099)

Developed for acne prone skin, this light, oil free sunscreen shields you against the effects of the sun. Patented micro sponge technology helps absorb extra oil.
Key Ingredients:
Octinoxate, Oxybenzone Octisalate, Homosalate, Avobensone – Sunscreen
ingredients provide UVA and UVB Protection, Beta Hydroxy Acid – Helps purify pores to help keep skin clear, Vitamins A and E – Skin conditioners help nourish and refine skin’s texture.
Who should use it: People with acne prone skin who are frequently exposed to sunlight, ideal for daily use.

What it does:  Provides UVA/UVB protection for face and body


Yay! Such a very good product to help prevent and diminish acne! So, a pimple-no-more skin could be yours now and forever. Excited to try PROACTIV Solution? You can buy them at the below Proactiv Mall Kiosks

Glorietta 3
Ground Floor (Near the entrance of Glorietta 3; in front of Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins)
Contact Person: Gladys May Flores
Contact Number : (02) 388 2848

2nd Floor (near Reebok, Stoked Inc.)
Contact Person: Jean Tamayo
Contact Number: (02) 380 3801

Robinsons Galleria
3rd Floor
(02) 380 5506

Marquee Mall
Ground Floor
0915 385 3103

Alphaland Southgate Mall
2nd Floor
0915 485 6660

Ill Terrazzo Mall
Upper Ground Floor
0932 720 6900

Meanwhile, here’s one of the many testimonials that proves how great Proactiv Solution is. Else, Proactiv Solution Guarantee Money Back

Have a great day ahead!


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