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Wear Your Most Beautiful You During the Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner and you can’t wait to spend it the way you want it, with fun, laughter, and lots of happenin...

Complete your beauty regimen with Proactiv Solution

1:53 AM 0
Women’s beauty regimen may be deemed complicated by many, with all the elements that come with it to ensure that their beauty co...

Remain zit-free with Proactiv

7:06 AM 0
Is it your favorite anti-acne treatment, too? Clear skin is just another beauty counter away. The acne clearing system’s eff...

The Truth About Acne

2:37 PM 0
One of the hated "thing" in the world is acne. Yes? I know you absolutely agreed on my statement. Well, I am one of these haters...

Say Goodbye to Summer Acne with Proactiv

9:32 PM 0
The scorching heat of summer is not good for the skin. With that, always wear sunblock and water should come handy to keep us refreshed a...

Buy Proactiv Kit and get a Discount on Wen Cleansing Conditioner 350ml

5:44 PM 0
How are you dearies? Hoping that everyone is in a good shape and all is well. Though, the weather is super-hot thus don’t forget to wear ...

Proactiv's New Endorser Nicole Scherzinger

12:28 AM 0
Howdy Guys and Gals! Here’s another milestone for Proactivas it has a  new celebrity endorser, Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycats Dolls!...

#BeProactiv & #Unselfie! The Proactiv "Unselfie" Campaign

9:52 PM 0
Howdy Loves! Have you posted your selfies of the day already? If not yet, time to post now! Time magazine’s recent award to the Ph...

Proactiv Solution: Proactiv 15-Day Maintenance Kit is perfect for travel!

6:22 PM 0
Howdy loves! Here’s good news especially to those who loves to travel. As we all know travelling could be fun and enjoyable as it bring...

Proactiv Solution: Skin Care Advisors Launched!

11:00 AM 0
Finally, we can have someone to help us address our skin problems who can advise what the best ways to improve our skin conditions and w...

Proactiv Solution: Buy Proactiv Kit Now and Get a chance to Win Patron Tickets to Avril Lavigne’s Concert!

10:18 PM 0
source here Howdy Pretties! Wanna watch Avril Lavigne concert on February 17, 2014 for F R E E ? Well, you have a chance to win FREE P...

Proactiv Solution: The Doctors' Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin

4:55 PM 0
    Howdy Guys and Gals! How’s your day so far? Time really passed by so fast and one day, you will wake up that we are already celebra...

Proactiv Solution: Proactiv-ly fights acne causing bacteria.

10:12 PM 0
Everyone can have acne because when it comes to breakouts no one is exempted even the most beautiful woman in the world, princes and princ...

Proactiv Solution: Buy Proactiv and Get a Chance to Win Tickets to Alicia Keys Concert

7:20 PM 0
Howdy Dolls! Where have you been lately? Well, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I hope that everything is well. Stressed beca...

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