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#BeProactiv & #Unselfie! The Proactiv "Unselfie" Campaign

Howdy Loves! Have you posted your selfies of the day already? If not yet, time to post now!

Time magazine’s recent award to the Philippines as the selfie capital of the world is probably the ultimate testament to how Filipinos love sharing their selfies. Selfies are the ultimate ways of self-expression on social media, and Proactiv recognizes the importance of confidence to people as they share their photos.

A lot of people have resorted to using various filters and photo editing apps for their “selfies” as they want to hide their acne from their friends and the public. A little photo shop here and there, and viola they can already post their perfect selfies. However, Proactiv wants to encourage netizens to address acne for real, and be proactive – thus the Unselfie campaign is born. Instead of posting an edited image, they are encouraged to post an unedited photo of themselves with an unselfie pledge placard:

#BeProactiv & #Unselfie

Everyone should start a journey of self-improvement so they would be able to have clear skin and be confident in posting that selfie without any filters.

How to Join:
1. Like “Proactiv Solution Philippines” Facebook Page or follow Proactiv Philippines Instagram Account
2. Write a pledge in a piece of paper “I need to be Proactiv”, “#Unselfie” and “#BeProactiv”.
3. Take a “selfie” with the pledge placard and post it at:
a) Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Account
b) Their personal Instagram Account and must tag @ProactivPH

There will be three winners of Proactiv 30 Day Kit per week.

Hugs & Kisses,

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