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Unboxing My “Firsts” Havaianas!

Finally, got my firsts havaianas ever in my 25 years of existence in this world. Firsts because I just bought not one but two pairs of Havaianas flip-flops today. Yay! Maybe, you may ask why just now? Well, I just fond of Ipanema flip-flops and I had four of them and I love how durable and comfortable and stylish they are. But, it doesn’t mean that I have to limit myself to that beautiful Ipanema flip-flops piece, that’s why I bought two Havaianas today! *smiling*
Yay! Please join me to unbox my havaianas. I am sooooo excited!
The two boxes of course is for me and the other big one is for P. So, if you are generous enough and since Christmas is approaching fast and giving is everywhere, I will be happier if you give me another pair. Ha-ha.
I love pink the most and purple is the second. Aren’t they lovely? *Can’t take my eyes off on them.* Well, I found them cute and chic and so me while P loves the glow in the dark.
I bought these Havaianas Flip-Flops at Duty Free Philippines for only *drum roll* $17/each and $18 for P’s Havaianas. Doing the math, the currency exchange rate is $1 = Php42.45, so the total damage cost was Php 721.65 x 2 + Php 764.10 = Php 2,207.40, and I found that I really had a great savings. 
Hope you find them cute, too!



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