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Shaping-up with my Skechers’ Shape-Ups

I bought this Skechers’ Shape-ups last May 2011 which I already posted here during the Markdown sale, a booming 50% was saved! *smiling* I used it on the first three weeks after I bought it but then I don’t use it as often as I can because of the unpredictable raining days, I just don’t want to get it dirty. But the good thing is I am using it again because I feel that I need to be serious with having curves, not the bulky curves but sexy curves. Ha-ha.
Well, I can say that I love the effect of shape-ups shoes especially on my posture. I tend to be taller and stand straight every time I am using it – so, making a habit of wearing it, makes me have a good posture.
Meanwhile, I am happy with my Skechers’ shape-ups, and I can say at this very moment that this was a good buy and has a good effect on me, which means I will be healthier for the rest of my life.



  1. i was suppose to but this one, but it looks big to me, that's why i ended up with nike.

  2. @ Sweethestia; same here dear, it looks bulky on me, but then I am getting use of its bulkiness. :d


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