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Captain Morgan Lands on Philippine Shores

He may have been born in 1635, but Captain Morgan is no stranger to the present-day party scene.
The Philippines got a taste of this when the fun-loving, swashbuckling Captain arrived in Manila, with his Morganettes, and treasure chest of his Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum in tow. 

Tides Grill & Bistro, Scout Albano Street, South Triangle, Q.C. became the venue where Captain Henry Morgan introduced the drink to hundreds of consumers. His signature cocktail, Captain and Cola, has been a proven hit around the world and was received with the same kind of enthusiasm by the local market. It definitely helped that the Captain himself, and his equally friendly Morganettes, were on hand to get everyone into the party vibe. 

Though he did cause quite a scene earlier in the day, when he misplaced the treasure chest upon docking somewhere in Manila Bay. “Have you seen my chest?” he asked strangers on the street. He boarded a good samaritan’s vehicle and ended up along EDSA, where he learned of radio show Good Times with Mo on 89.9—which he barged into to ask DJ Mo Twister’s listeners to be on the lookout for the missing chest.

He then proceeded to Boy Scout Circle in Quezon City, telescope in hand. Pedestrians stopped, curious to know why (and how) a 17th-century captain ended up in the middle of the busy rotonda. Restless but optimistic, the Captain trooped straight into the nearby ABS-CBN studios and continued his search right in the middle of the live airing of Showtime and Happy Yipee Yehey. GMA also reported sightings of Captain Morgan during a morning news break, and on evening news programs 24 Oras and Saksi.

Eventually, his ever-helpful Morganettes received a tip from someone who spotted it in Manila Bay. Soon enough, Captain Morgan was reunited with his treasure chest, which was filled with bottles of rum. “These are my gifts to my newfound friends, my shipmates, in this beautiful country,” he said gratefully, and called upon everyone to join the party at Tides in the evening.

And now, Captain Morgan is here to stay, thanks to the legendary Captain and Cola cocktail now popping up in drink lists nationwide.The "Party Drink" for all seasons has finally arrived!
The local market can also keep up to date with the Captain’s adventures, promos, and other news through the Facebook Page, Captain Morgan is distributed by Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business trading in more than 180 countries.

Drink Responsibly - Captain's Order!


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