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Beware of FAKE and UNAUTHORIZED Sellers of PROACTIV Product

Beware of fake and unauthorized seller of Proactiv Product. We should be aware that Proactiv Product was already available in the Philippines (which I already posted here), so when you encounter a vendor online that selling your favorite Proactiv Products at half of the market price, please be cautious, think twice and do a little research about the product and the seller, because the seller might be illegitimate so the product might be FAKE!

I personally like the convenience of online shopping but then, everybody should be cautious on what they have to buy online especially if it has something to do with our health. Because buying online could be risky and these risks can be life threatening especially in categories like food, healthcare, and cosmetics where the products are directly ingested or physically applied.

The undiscerning consumer can easily fall prey to counterfeiters, black market vendors, or fly-by-night sellers by offering them below-market prices which are very attractive. Proactiv Solution takes this opportunity to educate consumers regarding the dangers of buying from illegitimate sources and guiding them where to buy real and legitimate. 
60-Day Kit
30-Day Kit
Proactiv Solution is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Top American Product Solutions Inc., thru the following sales channels:

• All Watsons Stores
• All SM Department stores
• Proactiv Mall kiosks located at Glorietta, Robinsons Galleria, Trinoma, Marquee Mall, Alphaland Southgate Mall, and Eastwood Mall.
(Located in First Floor of Ill Terrazzo; near Girl Shoppe, Omakase)
Contact Person: Efren Jaranilla
Contact Number: +63912 231 4271
• Proactiv Hotline 729-2222 or toll free numbers
• Proactiv Online Shopping cart:
Proactiv Solutions Product Website

Top American Products Solutions Inc. has exclusive distribution rights issued by Guthy-Renker LLC, Proactiv’s manufacturer based in the United States.
Black market vendors who distribute Proactiv Solution pose the following risks to consumers:

1. Consumers who buy smuggled products do not have the protection of the FDA. Smuggled products are not registered with the Philippine Food & Drug Administration. Therefore, there is no clinical oversight protecting the consumer such as a pharmacist overseeing the operation.

2. The products do not come with warranties. Unauthorized distributors do not have any FDA Permits that can attest to the authenticity of the products they sell. Some distributors even tell their customers “If you can prove this is fake, then we’ll give you a refund,” which is totally unacceptable as this passes the burden of proof to the undiscerning consumer.

So guys, it’s better to be SAFE than SORRY!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you guys how I coped up with my pimple and acne problem. Way back in High School days, where having crush and puppy love was a fad, pimples and acne were just popped out on my face – on my forehead, on my cheeks, on my chin, on my nose and sometimes on my neck – plus an oily face that was so healthy for them to live at. High school days when most of the girls were just getting “kilig” when they crushes passed by in front of them while me, was too shy to show off because of my “pimples na tinubuan ng mukha.”

Fast forward, when I graduated from college, acne and pimple marks were still there and I don’t want them like forever so when I got my job, my first goal was to get rid of them. I bought beauty products from authorized sellers because if I don’t buy to authorized sellers it might worsen by problem and I might spend more to find a solution to an additional problem which is I can’t afford to have. I tried this and that, bought here and there and finally, I found “The One” that really suited my skin needs. A pimple is still pop out but only during my menstrual period – a one or two pimples will be visible but fades away afterwards, I can now have the “Mukhang tinubuan ng pimple.” So now, I can barely face the world without any make-ups. Proactiv Solutions is one of my beauty regimens to prevent acne.


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