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The Multiply Marketplace gets even better!

Most of you know that I’m a certified shopaholic. Click here, click there and voila I already had my online shopping spree. Most of the time, seating in front of my laptop or computer for an hour is enough for me to shop and be broke and sometimes have a huge amount of debt because of using my Credit Cards (yeah, cards with an “s” because I used different cards to purchased online especially if I’ll buy on different online store). Oh well, that’s life - living lavishly and I love it! Ha-ha.

However, I am also a seller. *wink* I am a dealer of Sophie Martin Paris. Aside from my friends and neighbors, who are my target markets, I also posted the Catalog in multiply so that those who are living in the province can also buy something from Sophie Martin Paris. But, as a lazy busy gal like me, found that it took a lot of time and effort to post and promote the products and when someone wanted to buy, two or more days are needed to get confirmed of the orders because, I need, first answer all the inquiries before buyer give the “go signal – YES I WILL BUY THAT,” afterwards, waiting for 3-5 days for payment settlement, that’s why, I decided to promote on Facebook instead.

Meanwhile, when I was surfing to do an online shopping again, I noticed that there was new Marketplace, which was easy to navigate – meaning a better multiply marketplace. I was inspired how the new multiply marketplace looks now. They already had a BPI and BDO as a payment options so you can pay directly to the seller by just entering your bank account numbers – means less hassle! So, right then I updated my items on my store. Please see below pictures for the step-by-step posting of the items in the marketplace
Click on the "Posting a Product Listing"
Click which Bank you Preferred then entre your account number
Information about the Items
My Product Listing
I want to buy an hair extension from EmpressRoyale soon for the meantime,I bought something from LittleEmilyShop, the Spin Pin 10-pc Pack for only Php30, for me to try this new payment options.
Click the "Buy Now" button
Then I was directed on this page, just click "Proceed to Checkout"
Entered My Address at "Enter Address" button
Afterwards, Specify what Payment Options I preferred. I choose "BPI"
A notification was sent to my E-mail regarding my purchased. Yes, I will be paying directly to Multiply. *Love this super less hassle because I don't have to ask for any bank number of the seller which also takes time.

If you want something from Sophie Martin Paris, kindly visit or like the Facebook Fan Page for updates. Or, you can also visit the for more info and shopping escapade.

Happy Shopping!


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