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Speak Up or Forever in Mute!

"If you can speak what you will never hear, if you can write what you will never read, you have done rare things." - Henry David Thoreau

I am always the peacemaker of the group. I am always on the listener’s side rather than to the speaker’s side, because I believe that being the listener, is the one who will gain knowledge and respect, thus will know not everything but at least have an idea of something. I am always the one who doesn’t think anything that happens around me because I believe that somehow, everything happens for a reason and everything that happens is part of the game of everybody’s life. Yeah, that’s me! I don’t care as long as I am not hurt, humiliated or embarrassed. If ever I felt that, or get hurt emotionally in front of many people, I’ll assure you dude, you feel twice of what I felt. Maybe, that’s the way I throw words to someone else with a vengeance!
Nowadays, there are so many platforms that we can use for us to speak up. I embraced the world of blogging this year just to have an online diary, oh well; I still have my daily notes to what was all happening to my life every day, but I never thought that it will broaden my network, my knowledge, my friends, my world and of course my life. I’ve been encountered harsh people, not-so-well management, and everything negative and the like as I explore the world of blogging. However, because of my blog, I can now express what I really feel, I can write my emotions, I can say anything but of course I am still being responsible on what will I write, say, and publish on my blog especially if what will I say is only my 100% opinion and not even get heard the other side of the issue. And as the year 2011 ends, I wanted to share with you guys my two cents about the hottest issue this year and as I move forward to 2012, I know that somehow, I did my best to get informed and speak up.

There are three groups of individuals that most of the time should stand and speak up for themselves – the Government, the People, and Myself! I want to tackle these three groups that made me realize that my words are also important, that I too, should also need to stand up and Speak Up but in a nice and orderly manner.

The Government. Most of the time, this is the most targeted issue of all times, especially, if someone is seated on the highest chair of the government and the like. Like PNoy, when he bought a luxury car - Porsche (a sports car that I’ve been dreaming of) instead of giving or helping to those people who are in need. Well, my two cents about this issue is, since he has duty to the Filipino people as a president, then why not used the government issued car instead of buying a luxury car even if it was at his own expense. Yes, you have money to buy all the things you need, you may own the most lavish things you may find in the world but be sensitive to the people who are in need. Many people have spoken, some were positive, some were negative, and I am nothing against on how wealthy the government people are but please, you must be sensitive enough to the people around you. So, I’d rather support some advocacy like World Food Programme because I know I’ll make a difference plus a lot of people will benefits of this advocacy. So stop the war, let’s fight hunger!
The People. Remember Chris Lao, on how he was bullied on a cyber space? If we are just responsible enough and not just making fun of someone’s fault then there will be no wounded people, there will be no humiliations not just here in the Philippines but worldwide. To Speak Up is also about self-awareness. To Speak Up is also about delivering words properly. To Speak Up is not just about making noise. To Speak Up is also about to inspire and be an inspiration to others!
Myself. Every blog entry that I post, I also share something about myself, my rants, my personality, my wants, the extravagant things that I dream of, my dreams, my motivation, and my life. And to avoid plagiarism I must have to speak up. I have encountered people copying other content online from the blog posts/pictures and claiming it as their own work and the worst is forgetting to cite the source of the picture. That’s the way I need to Speak Up and I will start it now as the year 2012 is fast approaching, because as I grow older I realized that I don’t have to revenge in order to express myself. That life is not just about happiness and not just being on the top. How about you guys, how you will speak up? Are you gonna start to speak up for the year 2012 for a better you?
One of my Photos being Copied
We have to stand and speak up for our opinions and voice out for our right to be heard. But, before you say something, please also think hundred times, ask yourself. Does it will benefit to the people I care and love or I just putting them into much humiliations? Do I will say it in a way that no one will get harm or I just wanted to brag about something?

2012. I will speak up for the Truth and I will be responsible and stand for every word that I speak Up. We should speak up in resistance to mediocrity, limitations and uniformity because we are better than that. I deserve better. We all deserve better.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Truly! We have to Speak Up for own right and opinion, because sepaking up is not just to voice out nothing but for us also to be heard!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Yeah right! Before I usually start a topic in my blog, I speak what's inside my heart and mind even if it's a rant as long as I know I can stand up to what I think is right.

  3. one of my new year resolution is to SPEAK UP!

  4. I learned to speak up when I was in college. I will never stop speaking up.

  5. Great point! We all should speak up to make the world a better place.

  6. speak up or forever hold your piece.I usually don't hesitate to speak up for my self and others too. i feel that nothing good will happen if i just stay quiet.

  7. being who u R is tru speaking:)nice post

  8. Don't hid whatever in your thoughts! Express yourself, no regrets! Kudos for this posted entry, to realize for which whoever reading this of the important for being who we are, to stands in our feet and to speak up!


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