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Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 Range: Goodbye to Creases!

To be able to look neat and presentable, we must have presentable clothing, too. Yes, what we wear always make a part of our personality. Our clothes complete our total package. That’s why, most of the time, I am not going out without ironing my clothes. 

And look what I have discovered from Philips. They have the new Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 Range. So, whether ironing clothes for a fashion show, a formal evening function, or just a casual outing, fashionistas can now achieve that immaculate fresh off-the-runway look with the Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 range. Designed to make ironing as fast and effective as possible, the PowerLife Iron GC2900 range instantly removes creases with a strong steam output for faster, more effective results, while its premium sole-plate allows for easy gliding across all fabrics like silk, jersey, satin, pina, organza or plain cotton.
This perfect tool works for those who want to quickly remove unsightly wrinkles from their clothes and at the same time, care for their garments. With a steam boost of up to 110g/min and a continuous steam output of up to 35g/min, the iron easily removes creases to deliver a smooth and wrinkle-free garment, perfect even for the runway.  Armed with up to 2200 watts of power, the PowerLife Iron GC2900 range ensures a constant high steam output to ensure that the steam penetrates through the layers of fabric, effectively delivering fast and good results.
For those who may be afraid that the steam droplets may stain their garments, the iron also has a Drip-stop system to help you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures without having to worry about stains from water droplets. Its calc clean slider also helps to remove scale out of the iron to ensure a longer lifespan and maintain the performance of this practical tool in the household.

Offering fast and effective results, Philips, the global leader in irons remains committed to offering customers innovative and efficient solutions to meet their garment care needs.

So here you go, a stylish Philips PowerLife Iron GC2900 Range for every kikay out there. I’m thinking of getting the pink blue one.

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