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Defy dry, sensitive skin with lasting moisture from Physiogel

One of the many woes that a woman lives through is having dry and seemingly unhealthy skin and so I am. I have tried several moisturizers but then still haven’t found the one that fits on my skin type. Skin dryness can be attributed to several factors; most of them are inevitably part of our day-to-day routine as we go about work and life. Dry skin can be triggered by prolonged exposure to air conditioning, smoking, stress and exposure to outdoor elements such as sun, wind and cold air. Bathing or cleansing in hot water or with soap also does not leave kind effects on skin. All these factors bring damage to the skin barrier.

Defy skin dryness with Physiogel with the revolutionary Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology that repairs the skin barrier. Repairing the skin barrier with Physiogel helps prevent moisture loss, whereas conventional moisturizers may only provide temporary moisturization by coating the outer layer of skin.
Physiogel:Defy dry, sensitive skin with lasting moisture from Physiogel
Physiogel’s DMS Technology is formulated to resemble the natural building blocks of skin. It does not only provide lasting moisture, it also repairs the skin. Dermatologist and pediatrician recommended Physiogel is clinically proven to lock in moisture in skin for up to three days even with washing.

Ward off skin dryness, repair sensitive skin with the expert-recommended Physiogel Cream and Lotion with DMS Technology that repairs skin as it moisturizes. Also available is Physiogel Cleanser with gentleness next to water, making it suitable for cleansing sensitive skin.

So now, I have another battle against skin dryness. And Physiogel, promised to help me win my battlefield. Guys and Gals, I’ll keep you posted on what has happening on my journey as I conquer the dryness of my skin and face you with a smooth and supple skin – a skin close to a baby skin. A full review will be posted after a month of religiously using it, and Day 1 begins TODAY!

Happy Hearts Day! And Keep Pretty and Healthy!

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