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Seattle’s Best Coffee: Milk Tea and Heart-Shaped Cookies

Milk Tea, is one of the fad drinks now and one of my favorite coffee shop in the metro already has it - Seattle’s Best Coffee. Seattle’s Best Coffee has long been known for making that perfect cup of coffee, that’s why I love them, not just me, my friend S and P, too. It’s smooth, never bitter, and full-bodied brews have satisfied java lovers countless of times wherein P also introduced Seattle’s Best to his Mum and Mum liked it too. That’s why, whenever Mum and Dad have a Senior Citizen or Couples for Christ gatherings, Seattle’s Best is one of the sure venue for their coffee sessions. From their hot cups to their iced and Javakula drinks, each one is meticulously crafted to ensure you get the best flavor in every sip. And since they’ve perfected that through years of experience, Seattle’s Best Coffee decided to try their hand in something that they’ve always had but didn’t really shine the spotlight on – tea. Now, the “best” coffee has exactly your cup of tea in SBC’s Milk Tea.
Seattle's Best Coffee
I was able to try the cold and hot version of the Seattle’s Best Milk Tea. I was overwhelmed of the ice-cold Milk Tea taste; it also comes with a red chewy tapioca pearls that gives a refreshing twist to the usual milk tea. However, I just don’t like the over-sweetness of the hot Milk Tea. I am a hot-tea drinker and I just drink it straight, no sugar-at-all. Hot Milk Tea was a blend of black and green tea infused with the sweetness of caramel, maybe next time I order hot I just asked the barista to lessen or not to add caramel syrup, though. By the way, SBC’s Milk Tea offering is on limited time only, they will be available until March 31, 2012.
Seattle's Best Coffee: Milk Tea with Red Tapioca Pearls
First quarter of the year is really a big bang for Seattle’s Best Coffee because they also offering a sweet Heart-Shaped Cookies for the Valentine Season. There will be 4 variants to choose from and one cookie retails at Php85.00 only. So, it is perfect gift to your loved ones and special someone. I already am planning to buy some for my single-ladies-friend in the office and for some close friends. Hurry to your favorite Seattle’s Best Coffee branch today because these sweet treats are only available until February 21, 2012. There’s a chocolate flavored butter cookie and the classic butter cookie. SBC Valentine Cookie is covered in fondant and carries a different design – Love Cookie, The Red and White Cookie (red), Sexy Heart Cookie (blue) and XOXO Cookie (yellow).
Seattle's Best Coffee: Heart-Shaped Cookies
SBC Valentine Cookies are that little thoughtful presents you give to someone to say thank you or to show you care.

1-day to go for Valentine’s Day! Happy ’s Day! Keep the LOVE!

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