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GMA Presents: "Spooky Valentine: Maestra" this LOVE Month (February)

It’s a LOVE Month and GMA presents a “Spooky Valentine.” A heart-stopping thrill and terror to your Saturday evenings, so hold on to your chairs and never look back because these “Spooky Valentine” episodes will surely satisfy viewers’ thirst for “horror.”
This Saturday (February 4, 2012), Spooky Valentine presents its premiere episode “Maestra,” featuring TJ Trinidad and Bianca King, who plays the role of Elena, a loving wife and mother, and an ideal teacher who volunteers to practice her profession in a far-flung province.  There, she meets a mysterious old woman, whose seemingly harmless touch drastically changes Elena’s life.

Elena, who used to be a loving wife and mother, begins to behave oddly when she returns home. Onay, her daughter also notices many things strange about her actuations. Elena becomes a bloody-thirsty cannibal. However, true love never dies as Nestor still love her despite of her weird transformation. He even defends his wife against the angry mob running after her.  But if Nestor could accept his wife’s predicament, Elena couldn’t.  She takes her own life hoping that this would mean everyone could now live in peace.  But will Elena’s decision change anything?  How will Nestor and Onay’s lives change after Elena’s death?

Find out what happens on Spooky Valentine presents “Maestra” this Saturday, February 4, after Manny, Many Prizes on GMA-7.

Program Name: Spooky Valentine: Maestra
Airing Sched: Starts on February 4, 2012, every Saturdays, after Manny Many Prizes
Channel: GMA 7

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