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Movie: “Unofficially Yours” with John Lloyd and Angel Locsin

Finally, after the team-up from a big hit primetime teleserye “Imortal,” John Lloyd and Angel Locsin will be on the big screen for “Unofficially Yours.”
“Unofficially Yours” directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina under Star Cinema, is all about a man (Macky) who will fall in love in a lady (Ces) who refuses love. Macky played by John Lloyd, is a depressed young man who wonders why he had many failed relationships in the past. Meanwhile, Ces played by Angel Locsin, is a modern-day woman who doesn't want any commitments. A must-see movie for all!

“Unofficially Yours” official trailer:
Would Macky and Cess make their unofficial love relationship status official? Let’s watch the movie and learn something about love. “Unofficially Yours” opens in all theaters nationwide on February 15, 2012.

See you there!


  1. looks like a fun movie, wanna watch!!

    Btw NEW POST in my blog. If u like we can follow each other in twitter. let me know

  2. @ Antee; thanks so much sweetie! visited your blog too. :D


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