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Do you really know what the latest are or the current trending issues in the World Wide Web? Or you just only keep updated by doing gossip and believing on hearsay? Oh boy, wake up!  Be up to date! Don’t be left behind on the latest craze.  The Philippines InternetCongress and Expo will be held on March 9-11 at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. Be informed and also let your officemates, your friends and relatives about this to feel the sizzling heat with overflowing information.
The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo, a landmark event in the Philippines, will be highlighting the latest trends and updates, this great convergence will not just showcase the new products in the market but will also feature some of the celebrated personalities and industry leaders as they share their breakthrough ideas and street smart insights on internet marketing, news and information, security and business solution.  Discover a plethora of ways you can dramatically improve your business productivity in 30 days or less.

In the conference, you have a chance to meet, ask questions and learn from the well-known speakers:

  ♦ Jack Madrid - Country Manager for the Philippines of
  ♦ Ralph Wunsch - Founder of
  ♦ Manny Fernando - President of IMMAP and MegaMobile
  ♦ Neph Denosta - Assistant Vice President of Sun Cellular
  ♦ Jim Ayson - Senior Manager for Partner Management of SMART Communications
  ♦ Janet Toral - Founder of Philippine Internet Commerce Society and DigitalFilipino
  ♦ Hans Montenegro - Country Manager for NorthgateArinso,
  ♦ JV Rufino - Director for Mobile of Philippine Daily Inquirer
  ♦ Mon Lizardo - Digital Marketing Consultant
  ♦ Homer Nievera - Director for Sponsorships and Partnerships of
  ♦ Zes Martinez - AVP-New Product Development of MEC Networks
  ♦ Shaun Olarte - President of Web Solutions, Inc.
  ♦ Lloyd Lun - President of Lloyd Luna Communication
  ♦ Chino Rodriguez - Certified Ethical Hacker
  ♦ Jaime Garchitorena - President of EduPro
  ♦ Joel Carbonilla - Assistant Vice President for Marketing of MEC Networks.

This is a great experience for all of us no matter what field you are engaged with, whether you are an internet user, a business man, a shopper, a group-buying patronage, an IT enthusiast, a blogger and etc. because ThePhilippine Internet Congress and Expo highlights the below topics:
  ► Business Solution on Mobile
  ► The Future of e-Commerce: Bringing Your Dream Business to Life
  ► The Facebook Generation: The Impact of Social Media in Global Transformation
  ► Protecting Your Business: What You Should Know About Hacking
  ► Online Reputation Management
  ► Internet Recruitment
  ► IP Solutions for your Business (Cloud Storage, Data Management & Protection, Video Intelligence, IP Telephony and Firewall)
  ► Survival of the Fittest in the Internet Age
  ► Building Community through Blogging
  ► The Mobile Apps Experience: A Philippine Perspective
  ► Online News and Information
  ► Maximizing Exposure Through Discount Vouchers
  ► Services Through e-Government;
  ► Integrating Digital into Your Business (How to integrate all the topics taken up)

Personally, with the topics listed above, I am interested with “The Future of e-Commerce: Bringing Your Dream Business to Life,” because I am opening a business soon (maybe in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of the year) with my friend C and I think this could be helpful for me to understand more about doing business. E-commerce will be a big help for a beginners like us to fully understand and grow business in a long term goal. Moreover, a topic about the “Online Reputation Management,” is also one of topics I considered a top priority. Yes, because in order to succeed with any business, one should have a good online reputation. I have been an online seller and buyer for years and one thing I considered about the buyers and sellers are the good feedback they have gained. So if one has a good online reputation then everything follows to be a successful individual.

So what are you waiting for, a day loaded with knowledge and information. To reserve a seat in the conference, please call Kaye or Randolf at 470-1055, 470-1057 or 0905-3364486 or you may visit or

Meanwhile, there are still slots open for sponsors and exhibitors.  Showcase your products and services to thousands and thousands of prospective buyers including executives and managers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, IT professionals and all types of internet users including students. The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo are open to ex-deal arrangement.

See you there!



  1. very informative post, love to be part of that expo!!

  2. It's gonna be a great event and being a techie, I want to learn new techniques on ecommerce and new gadgets.

  3. It's really great when you always know what's the latest and what's the trend. It gives you an edge.

  4. Will there be tickets for this, or is this open for all (for free)? A very wonderful event, indeed... I myself would like to be there to know of the latest trends.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, I can drop by...

  6. Interesting event! Hope I could come to the expo. It's surely Informative and Fun!

  7. With more than 20 million Internet users in the Philippines, it's easy to see why businesses need to have online presence.

    Internet is and will be a critical tool for business growth.

  8. a very informative expo that help us to update or evolve our skills and knowledge to this expo, lets attend and be skillful to our field..

  9. nice, Lloyd Luna will also be there..

  10. Interesting! Like you, I'd like to hear topics on e-Commerce and Protecting online business, also creating a Blogging Community.:)

  11. This is must see for everyone :) will certainly check it out! see you there pretty miss :)


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