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Tria Bascon – The Newest OPM Jazz Singer!

Finally, a new OPM Jazz Singer launches her debut album “Wanderlust,” in the crowd of Hard Rock Cafe, Makati City. A loving, charming, witty and beautiful Tria Bascon is the newest OPM Jazz Singer. She came from a very musical family and it was natural that Tria would start singing at an early age. Her father and other siblings were already well known in the music industry in Cebu.

Tria was spotted singing in a restaurant/jazz lounge and this started her professional singing career, after gaining a degree in Business Administration. The early influences in her style and range were renowned International vocalists of jazz, standards and pop, which led her to appreciate and develop such a wide range of musical genres.
Tria then moved to Manila and launched what has become a very successful career. Since those days Tria has travelled far and wide for both pleasure and in pursuit of her work. Her travels have taken her to virtually all Continents of the world adding greatly to her experience both as a vocalist and as a person, and she now spends her non working leisure time between the US and UK, as well as in her native Philippines.
A wonderful, smooth and powerful voice is complemented by her natural beauty and graceful elegance, which captures an audience with her remarkable presence. With such an impeccable style, Tria’s performances ensure that a warm, intimate ambience is always present and enhances both the sound and vision experience to the full.

And to witness such performance, kindly watch the video below.
Tria launched her first album, a jazz album called Wanderlust in February 2012, a fulfilment of a long held dream. The dream of being to make a very professional, quality album featuring classic jazz songs and performed along with renowned International Musicians. 
The track list of Tria Bascon’s Album “Wanderlust” 
  ♪. With A Little Help From My Friends – featuring 
  ♪. The Company Two For The Road – featuring Mel Villena 
  ♪. I’m Old Fashioned 
  ♪. Magkikita Parin Naman Tayo 
  ♪. Anos Dourados – featuring Aquarela 
  ♪. Nice To Be Around – Featuring Mel Villena 
  ♪. Perfidia 
  ♪. Arrivederci 
  ♪. A Nightingale Sang In the Berkeley Square 
  ♪. I Remember You 
  ♪. La Belle Vie 
  ♪. Baby It’s Cold Outside – featuring Jose Mari Chan 
  ♪. The Party’s Over 

The 13-track album – personally selected by Tria, arefrom a list of her long time favourites and she is accompanied by several well known vocalists and musicians from Asia and Europe. Wanderlust contains an original track, Magkikita Pa Rin Naman Tayo, a very melodic and moving song writted especially for Tria by the producer of the album, Moy Ortiz of the The Company
Tria Bascon with Aquarela
In between continuing to perform internationally in shows, concerts and gigs Tria has plans for her new Album, which will further add to her reputation as a very talented, beautiful vocalist with a mesmerizing and distinctive voice. 

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