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Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa x Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish

If I am not attending an event during weekends and not at home, I will be found at Salon having my pampering treat. In most cases, if Wi-Fi is available I am tweeting with my favorite hash tag #SarapNgWeekend. Yes, weekend could be more fun and relaxing when spent at Salon, well guys you have to deal with it, girls’ loves to be pampered and I know some guy friends who are vain and love to have a pampering treat in 2-3 times a month.

And I just wanna share you my new favorite salon found at 198 Tomas Morato, Quezon City – Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa. Well, what I usually look for a salon aside from the accessibility, friendly staff, good service that really worth the price I paid for (well, I just had a not-so-good experience with one of the expensive Spa Salon in the metro) is the home-y ambiance of the place. I wanted that the place would be more of having a feeling that I am just at-home and having my nails done, feels like I am just sitting on our living room. Quite with soothing sounds environment that gives an inner peace and relax my body, mind and soul is really a good weekend.

Actually, the visit to Nailandia happened few weeks ago before I spent my 6-day vacation in Visayas, visited Mom’s place and been in Boracay to have a break on a busy and a life full of chaos here in the Metro. Well, all of us need to hibernate sometime in order to be more productive and to have more fresh ideas to go on to the path of life we choose.

Going back to the topic, I had my manicure, pedicure and foot reflexology done at Nailandia. And here are some photos of the salon’s tranquil interior design.
And since I decided to have a manicure and pedicure, deciding on what nail polish to be put on my lousy nails was a hard decision to make. So, from the variety of colors and nail polish they are offering I ended up with Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish. The aesthetician told me that the Jennifer Lynn Gel Polish lasts longer, 2-weeks at most without chipping and of course the loud and bold clean glossy finish is really gives an energetic vibe. 
Every coat of the UV Nail Polish has a cure time of 2-minutes under the UV Light (this explains why it has to come out in a black bottle because it can’t be exposed to UV Light as it dries out so fast). My choices of colors were baby pink for manicure and old rose pink for pedicure. Well, I just wanted to be colorful during summer.
So far, I like the Jennifer Lynn UV Nail Polish. After the 6-day of having fun and playing with the white sand of Boracay, my polish were still intact and still has the high-level of glossiness. It doesn’t chip fast like the other nail polish I’d tried. For all the busy ladies out there, this nail polish is really ideal because you don’t need to visit nail salon or applied nail polish often. Better try it to see for yourself!

Have a safe and dry Thursday!



  1. Wow! That place looks amazing, I love it. I hope one day I will get to got and get treated like the lady I am.

  2. love your nail polish color :) the place looks cozy..

  3. @ Tereza: Hi Dear! Yes, the place is awesome.

    @ Kath: Thanks Dear! Pa-girl lang ang nail polish. hehe.


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