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Bird Watching at Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary

Yay! I just had another nature trip last week. And this time, it is all about bird. I, together with some bloggers/media visited the Nuvali Bird Sanctuary to witnessed and observed bird’s action on its natural habitat. A bird that freely fly and rest for a while on a tree, some are looking for their food, some are just hanging around, some are singing their own rhythm, and some are just there to entertain us. These are the wonderful creations God has bestowed to us and with the help of Mother Nature as well as the concerned human beings such as Nuvali and the likes, these creations had been preserved for us to enjoy its beauty and explainable fulfillment.

It was Wednesday at around 5:30 in the afternoon of May 23, I, together with other bloggers and media and of course with the presence of professional Bird Watchers who guided us on our journey to Nuvali Bird Sanctuary experienced Bird Watching. Bird Watching or Birding is watching birds without disrupting their normal activities with minimal impact on the environment. It is also observing wild birds on their natural habitat and identifying them and their actions. It was kinda thrilling and interesting!

The trail to Nuvali Bird Santuary was a little bit muddy, though.

I saw two different birds and in order to capture a good shot of the birds you need to have of at least 300mm and up zoom lens (which I don’t have) and the photo below is my lifer – Black Nate Oriole Black Naped Oriole.

These species among many others have found in their home in Nuvali and we are lucky that Nuvali Bird Sanctuary is just a couple of hours away in the Metro. In partnership with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, Nuvali opens it Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary for bird walkers, watchers, nature enthusiasts and the likes who like to go beyond typical nature trips. The Nuvali Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary has viewing decks, gazebos, foot trails and fun and experiential exhibits for bird-watching aficionados, so, it is not the usual sightseeing activity it is the perfect activity for those who would want fully immerse themselves in the wonders of nature and make bird watching an enjoyable outdoor recreational activity.

We ended up our trail at the Gazebo and before we leave beautiful colors of the sky have shown up. Picturesque.

To Nuvali and OrangeMagazineTV, thank you for inviting us on such fun and exciting bird watching experience at Nuvali Bird Santuary, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 

For press release, read it here.


  1. lucky for you to get a shoot of one the birds living in the sanctuary...

  2. @ Ailes: Thanks for lending your zoom lens. :)

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  4. Hi! For those interested to buy an Ayala Land Premier residential lot in Nuvali, please call 09175029252 or email Thanks!

  5. The bird in the photo is a black-naped oriole :) Thanks for sharing this. I'm excited to take my daughter here! :)

    1. Hi dear Maybelle! Thanks for the correction. :) Enjoy your tour with your daughter.


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