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Cadbury makes your Facebook statuses smooth as Dairy Milk

Haveyou everwondered whatit wouldbe liketo haveyour Facebook statusposts sungto yourfriends? Cadburyhas comeup withan awesomeapp forthat verypurpose!

Checkout theSmooth StatusSingeronthe Cadbury Philippines Facebook Page,which launches onJune 8,2012. Turnyour statuses intosongs assmooth asCadbury DairyMilk byselecting fromone ofseveral pre-recorded statussong videoslikeLetsgo out!Are yougame?whichis available invarious musicgenres, thenposting iton yourTimeline, andtagging yourfriends.
Alsostay tunedto theCadbury Philippines pagefor theannouncement ofthe mainevent whereinfor onefull day,the SmoothStatus Singerwill singyour customized statusmessages. Oncethe appgoes live,all youhave todo isenter yourstatus, tagyour friends, choosea genre,and submit.In moments, yourpersonally-sung statuswill beposted onyour page!
CadburysSmooth StatusSinger isdefinitely goingto adda lotof funto youand yourfriendsFacebook experience. "Like" Cadbury Philippines onFacebook now!
Termsand conditions willapply, ofcourse, sobe sureto complywith Cadburysguidelines.

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