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Donut Bonding with my Friend S

After months have passed, my friend S and I got a chance to meet again. Well, because we attended our friend J’s wedding the reason behind our meeting. We have heard a lot of good things about J.CO Donuts that’s why we asked our friend A if she can drop us in SM Megamall and she did! Teehee.

A Saturday afternoon donut bonding with my girlfriend S was awesome. We got a lot of stories to tell. Talking updates here and there. Lovelife. Gossiping. Shopping. Fashion. Photography. Travel. A lot more! Oh boys, if you have “boys talk” then girls also have the same.

And a donut with cold coffee and/or cold chocolate is perfect combination to chill and unwind. I just don’t like the combination of my cold chocolate with donut because it was too sweet though. J.CO Donuts in terms of pricing was similar of Krispy Kreme. The Cheesy (sandwich?) was loaded of cheeses and it was one of my favorites. Plus the assorted donut that looks so yummy and delectable makes me want to come back and have some. 

Start the week with positive thoughts! Happy Monday!

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