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Friday Night. Paracetamol. Leche Flan. Peanut Kisses.

Howdy Guys! Hope everyone is doing great and in good health! Friday night supposedly spent on a night-out with good friends but then here I am at home nursing myself because I do have a fever and my UTI once again, smash me. It such a painful thing every time I have to pee. So girls, please take good care of yourself! Maybe, the cause of this was the “diet thing” I had for the past few weeks - oatmeal and skipping meal.

Meanwhile, it is still a Thanks God It’s Friday! Another week has ended. Though, I am still here in front of my office laptop even I’m at home and sick, doing some work-related stuff since I have an urgent project that needs to be submitted tonight on or before 1am. I’m almost done, by the way!

While doing work, nursing myself, what's beside me? Hmm… sweets! 
Peanut Kisses
Leche Flan

Have a Good and Healthy Weekend!

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