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Money Issues? LENDDO to the Rescue!

Last year was a baffling year for me so far in my 26 years of existence in this world. I have many debts due to my lavish living. Shopping here and there whether it is online or offline. I always swiped my debit/credit cards every now and then. Buying luxurious things every now and then just for my pleasures and the likes. Then I woke one day that I was already filled with debts. No savings, only debts. Such a nightmare! 

Before it happened, I am known for being frugal. Saving is a must for me. I do bank hopping. I love opening several saving account on different banks – BDO, BPI, PSBank, Chinabank. All of my hard-earned money was being store on these accounts so that I could have money anytime, especially when my family and I needed it most. But then, I still am lucky that before the bankruptcy I already had my investments so some of my “hard-earned money” didn’t gone just in a blink of an eye.
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What I did to cope up on this horrible nightmare? Well, I still am in the process of coping up. The first thing that came in my mind was to lend money. However, I know that interest on lending companies would be terrible because of the high rates they are offering. So, I tried to lend some to my family and friends but due to limited resources I still ended up with the lending company. Rate was quite higher than usual but because of doing some computation I still considered their offer rather than to have a negative feedback with regards on my financial status. By the way, I also had a bank loan in order to survive on this.

How I wish I already discovered Lenddo Philippines before I ended up with the high-rate lending company. Lenddo is the world's first online platform that empowers the emerging middle class to use their online social connections to build their creditworthiness and access local financial services. It is a paperless online system that uses your community to provide you with a loan. For more details, you may visit their website at

It is not the usual loaning company that lending is such a hassle, because based on my experience there’s a lot of requirements needed in order for the company to process your application – IDs (company ID and at least 2 government issue IDs), BIR-ITR Form 2316 (to know your income status), Certificate of Employment, Payslip (minimum of 2 months’ payslip). The application does not ended up on that, because after completing the requirements you have to wait for a week or so because they need to call you up and the reference person for verification purposes and so on. The offer of a fast cash loan that needs to undergo with a long process but for Lenddo the process is as easy as 1-2-3. Well, another digital thingy!

Just go to their website And do the below steps:
 Click the “JOIN” button located on the upper right corner of the page.
 Then there will be a pop-up window wherein you have to fill-in, after doing so, click “REGISTER” button.
 Afterwards, you will be redirected on the page wherein you have to enter the captcha (this is to know that you are human and not a spammer/alien/robot) then click “JOIN” button.
There you have it! You have now your Lenddo Account.

But wait there’s more…
In order to get a loan the requirements are also hassle-free. You just have to build trusted connections minimum of 3 persons and a minimum of “400” Lenddo Scores. Getting the required Lenddo Scores is so easy. Kindly refer on the screenshot below on how I scored “540.”
To see my account click here.
And for the trusted connection, oh boy, you just have to invite your good friends and families to be on your connections, they are the most trusted ones! But please note that they also need to have at least “400” Lenddo Score before you can proceed with your desired loan application which is payable to 3, 6 and 12-month terms at minimal interest. So, why go for a payday loan if there’s a term like this that won’t make you money-less during paydays.

Meanwhile, what I like about Lenddo is the easy navigation and there’s also “Tips” on how to increase my Lenddo Score. However, I wish that the Privacy Setting is set to “Public” by default so those who just signed up can immediately be seen by their friends who already Lenddo users and vice versa. In addition to that, kindly add more language so the other countries especially those who can’t understand English well can also be a part of Lenddo. Anyways, there’s always room for an improvement!

So, if you have any money issues for whatever reason whether for your home needs (home loan) or personal lavishness (personal loan), Lenddo has it all.

And before I end my post, here's a testimony from Lenddo Users (Lenddo Testimonials): 
View more presentation from Lenddo here. And for question about Lenddo you may visit the FAQ section of the website

Be worry-free and enjoy Freedom!
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Good read! Now I know there's a lending copany that can actually help me with my debts!

  2. How do you budget when you're broke? After I signing up and reading the webpage. Lenddo makes me realize how this social network can help me to improve my life! Another great article to share!

  3. Interesting right? I joined too this could help me in the future.Bdw, I like the first photo ha! :)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I just joined :) Let's see how Lenddo can help me in the future, when the need arises :).

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Ay, i am just curious. How do we got the money that we are asking for?
      Where do we pay it? and have you already tried to loan money from Lenddo?
      Is Lenddo really a lending company?

  6. How do we get the money that we are asking for? and how and to where we could make the payment?


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