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OML x Energizer Gives Lighting Hope in Rizal

It was a Thursday night when I received a text message from someone who’s inviting me to join the One Million Light Philippines and Energizer Philippines solar-powered lamps distribution in Brgy. Puray, Rizal to be held on a Saturday morning. (what’s biglaaang lakad?!)
I was excited with the idea of visiting places I’ve never been to and Brgy. Puray, Rizal was one of them. Plus, the visit was intended of shedding some lights on people’s hope living in this place and this kind of activity was something I wouldn’t want to miss. Well, on a busy-life like mine, having this opportunity to help was fulfilling and keeps me motivated to go on with my journey no matter how harsh the world is.

Brgy. Puray is a secluded area located in Rizal. We passed by at several mountains range with narrow rough road which was accessible only with 4x4 vehicles and trucks, with no cell phone signal along the way and of course there’s no electricity. (A lil’bit scary!) But then, super thanks to God, for giving a pocket full of sunshine for us to reach our destination.
The 280 residents were already gathered on the barangay’s covered court waiting for the distribution of the solar-powered lamps by Energizer Philippines and made possible by the One Million Light Philippines.
These solar-powered lamps lasts for almost 12-hours, it comes with a solar panel in order to get the solar energy and use as a charger to the lamp. By 10am-3pm, they can place the solar panel on their roof top, by doing so, they can now use the lamp at night.
These families earn a minimum of P10 – P20 only and that’s for a day income from the backyard plants and from making a coal as a source. For me, these amounts are not enough to sustain a family of 4 and up. So, they really need help from you guys, a Good Samaritan out there!
Kudos to OML for giving lights for living their dreams and of course to Energizer Philippines for supporting an advocacy like this, you guys did a really good job for giving HOPE to these people in needs.

For press release, read it here.

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