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8th Cinemalaya Festival: “APARISYON”

1971. The year before Martial Law is declared. The place: The Adoration Monastery in the woods of a remote province a few hours away from Manila. A young novice, Lourdes, enters the monastery. A few weeks later, Remy, an extern nun, gets a visit from her mother and is told that her left-leaning brother has gone missing. Remy asks for a brief leave of absence to join her family in the search for her brother. Mother Superior turns Remy down, wanting to keep the nun safe from harm. But Remy, still troubled by the news about her brother, has other plans and ends up smuggling a pocket radio into the monastery to listen to news reports in the dead of night. Lourdes eventually finds out what Remy has been up to. Sympathizing with Remy’s plight, Lourdes asks to become an extern herself. She and Remy start attending meetings of families whose militant relatives have disappeared. When one of their meetings drags into the night, the two nuns end up walking in the woods in the dark and get accosted by a few men. Remy escapes but Lourdes is not that lucky. Shortly before dawn, Lourdes is found in the woods: she has been sexually abused. The entire monastery gets shaken, and the nuns start to unravel from the memory of that fateful night. Months later, the crisis climaxes in a startling revelation that turns the nuns’ world upside down. 

Catch "Aparisyon" in the following screening schedules:
July 21 – Trinoma (C1) 9:00pm
July 22 – CCP Little Theater 3:30pm
July 23 – CCP Main Theater 12:45pm
July 24 – Greenbelt 3 (C3) 1:30pm
July 24 – Greenbelt 3 (C5) 9:00pm
July 25 – CCP Studio Theater 12:45pm
July 25 – CCP MKP Hall 6:15pm
July 26 – Greenbelt 3 (C5) 1:30pm
July 26 – CCP Main Theater 6:15pm (RED CARPET)
July 27 – CCP MKP Hall 12:45pm
July 27 – Greenbelt 3 (C3) 9:00pm
July 28 – Greenbelt 3 (C5) 11:00am
July 28 – CCP Studio Theater 6:15pm
July 29 – Trinoma (C1) 1:30pm

Aparisyon is part of 8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival starring Mylene Dizon, Jodi Sta.Maria, Racquel Villavicencio and directed by Vincent Sandoval.
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