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A Brighter Day

What I'm wearing: top from forever21 | sporty tote bag from nike | pink glittery pants from people are people | shoes from anthology

In my high school and college days I hate pink, my closet that time were composed of white, blue, black and red. No colorful shirts. No colorful dresses. I proved that the only thing that is constant in our planet is CHANGE. Yes, because from dull safe colors everything changed to brighter and colorful wardrobes.  

And today, this is what I’m wearing for the 2 events I have attended – 8th Cinemalaya Entry “Aparisyon” Press Conference and Orange Magazine TV 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration. What I wear were very comfortable pieces with a sporty and colorful vibe. A colorful outfit that matches the clear blue sky, heavy rains pours at night though. 

Photographed by my bff Marj

Happy Weekend!


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