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SM City North Edsa: Shopping Day at the Great Northern Sale!

Friday the 13th was ain’t freakin’ day!  Yeah, most of the times when 13th falls on a Friday day then it means bad luck, but for me, Friday the 13th was a lucky day indeed. Why? 1. It's our payday. 2. The Great Northern Sale is happening today ‘til July 15, 2012. 3. What will you do if you have some moolah to spend plus a great northern sale = SHOPPING!

It’s been 5 years since I finished school and now I am already working for 5 years. In that years, there were so many ups and downs, experience bankruptcy, brought back my good financial status once more and now I am more knowledgeable on how I spend my money wisely and at the same time still able to buy my needs and wants. How I do that? Then, read on as I also share some tips on shopping.

I do shopping every SALE days of a certain mall. Meanwhile, SM City Supermalls always offer a big savings to all shoppers like me, so, by liking their Facebook page, I get updates on their events and of course with their upcoming sale announcement. One of the biggest on-going sale right now until Sunday, July 15, 2012 is the Great Northern Sale at SM City North Edsa
As being frugal nowadays, discounts and savings is really a must! That’s why I wouldn’t want to missed this Great Northern Sale to do a little shopping for myself – a’lil reward for a hardworking me. Ha-ha.

Therefore, Friday the 13th at 12nn, I left home and went to SM City North Edsa for their Great Northern Sale before going to work. What’s store for us on the Great Northern Sale? Well, a booming discounts in almost all of the items. Wherein up to 70% OFF will be yours in purchasing selected items on sale. It was really a good steal on something you wanted to buy! And since I’ll be using Sodexho Gift Certificate I did my shopping inside the SM Department Store where a lot of things from shoes, dresses to accessories were present which was also a time saver for me because everything I wanted was already there.
Tip # 1. If you see something on sale that can be gifted to your loved ones especially if birthdays, anniversary or christening is coming, then you can buy your gift ahead of time because if you have limited time you’ll end up buying expensive things.  So from these Barbie brand I purchased something for my nieces that they’ll surely love.

Oh boy, that Rajo Laurel creation for Parisian is on-sale same with the other shoes seen on Fashion Week are half the price! 
If Parisian Shoes have their 50% OFF, Solemate has 2 for P399.75, for as low as P200 you gotta have a cute, fun, chic and trendy style ballet shoes that is way too perfect for a long walk like shopping.
Tip # 2. If you have an incoming event that needs a classy formal wear, then you can also buy them during sale. Shoes can be bought ahead of time since your shoe size does not change.
My goodness! My eyes love what I am seeing but then I have to control myself for buying too much or for being an impulsive buyer. And I guess, what I have bought was something that you too could say that it was absolutely a STEAL! 
Yay! A trendy jeggings with studs and a mini shorts for a perfect outfit post and casual getaways. Are you excited how much are they? *drum rolls*
Really a steal, nah? I got them both for only P250, more than 50% off from their original price.

I know you too is so excited now to go to SM City North Edsa and experience the Great Northern Sale with a bang! Better start early, so you could score a lot of steal items. Maybe, I bumped on you tomorrow, see you there! 

For more updates you can visit their Website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. You can also use the hashtag #GreatNorthernSale to let your friends and loved ones knows the great sale happening in SM City North Edsa.

Happy Shopping and Spend Wisely!


  1. Here, sales aren't very big and that sucks :).

  2. dang! why havent I read this before the sale actually ended!

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