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On a Rainy Night, A Food Trip with TRTs

No one can stop us, the TRT (TheRoadTrippers) on having a food trip galore. Even the heavy rains that keep on pouring that night couldn’t stop us from our food escapade in Marina Seafood Restaurant. Days before the food trip we already planned to meet up at Marina Robinsons Forum branch. However, that Robinsons Forum Branch was already closed. It was quite sad and time consuming considering that there’s a heavy rain because I read that Marina had a branch on that mall from an updated blog post wherein a blogger’s event for Marina was held. Hmm… I wish that they will update their blog post and deleted that branch so they wouldn’t leave any hassle and give false hope to their readers.

Moving on, since we really wanted to avail the P25 per order of Oyster offered by Marina in lieu of their 25th year Celebration, we did an impromptu back-up plan. Once again, we conquered the heavy rain for us to get thru the other branch – the Marina Seafood Restaurant in Metrowalk.

Meanwhile, Marina’s promo of P25 per order of Oyster was limited to 2 orders per table only. Well, for the group of 5 we made it enough for us. Ha-ha. Well, what we can ask for? A hungry and wet people like us, would only wanted something to munch and eat over a good conversation as always. I must say, food is just a prop, the exciting talk and laughter are the most worthy for every gathering.

Enough of the talking, here are the foods that we ordered.
Marina's Bagoong Rice
Bagoong Rice
Marina's Steamed Oysters
Steamed Oysters
Marina's Bihud Guisado,
Bihud Guisado
Marina's Baked Tahong
Baked Oysters
Marina's Crab

It’s my first time to ate Bihud Guisado which was introduced to us by Kuya Bong, according to him it was an egg of tuna. Bihud Guisado tasted good. Well, baked Oysters with cheese will be my all-time favourite, how I wish the price could be also all-time P25. Sumptuous seafood’s perfect for a cold night, however, the price was quite expensive. Would I come back again, hmm…? I’ll definitely do if someone’s gonna treat me. (^_^)

Happy Tuesday!

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