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What to do at work? Photoshoot 101.

What to do at work? When there’s no available task/project to do yet? Hmmm… when there’s a camera on and photographers around, a fun shoot will takes place.
Funshoot 101
with the Boss...
Funshoot 101
with the Girls...
Funshoot 101, Choco Mucho Pillow
with the Girls with props...

This was last week, with all the props available in the floor, the Halloween balloon décor, the umbrella, the high chair plus the good lighting courtesy of the company and of course the huggable and yummy Choco Mucho pillow. Hmmm... We’re just being resourceful. Ha-ha.

On the other note, I am looking forward on a fun and exciting trip with the road trippers in Bacolod this coming weekend. Excited!

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. Tereza: And having them as your workmates are such a bliss! Thank you for dropping by! :)


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