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NESCAFÉ Philippines Fan’s Day

NESCAFÉ Philippines held a Fans Day happened at Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City last Saturday,  November 17, 2012 in celebration of having 2 million “Likes” on Facebook and of course having a millions of memories shared together. Moreover, NESCAFÉ is the top Facebook brand page in the Philippines to date.

NESCAFÉ Philippines was proud to announce its current position as the country’s top brand page on Facebook. And to celebrate its success they held a NESCAFÉ Fan’s Day, a public event that engages fans to commemorate its online journey of reaching a milestone with 2 million Facebook likes.

NESCAFÉ Philippines Fan’s Day

A whole-day affair packed with pocket events such as interactive video and photo booths, games, and variety shows that reward fans that have made the success of the brand possible. In line with this, Meriendawas also served, with the favorite Pinoy coffee sidekick - the pandesal, and other special NESCAFÉ treats. It was a day of entertainment that brought enjoyment to the people, which also captured millions of memories through a one-day-only event.

NESCAFÉ Philippines Fan’s Day

To cap the celebration, a NESCAFÉ event is not complete without the appearances of popular local celebrities and top-favorite bands. YouTube sensation and comedienne, Petra Mahalimuyak also joined celebrities Frank Magalona, Survivor Philippines castaways Betong and Maey, and sports enthusiast Drew Arellano; while Callalily, 6 Cycle Mind, and Urbandub set the stage for the after-party concert which made the crowd insane.

As what Mark Castillo, Consumer Marketing Manager of NESCAFÉ in the Philippines said, “We receive overwhelming support every day on Facebook. One post may get as many as a thousand likes and shares, and comments may reach up to the same level – we’re blown away. It is heartwarming to see people love and understand your product at almost the same level that you do, and through this event we say, ‘Thank you’.

NESCAFÉ Philippines Fan’s Day

Just to give a little info regarding the status of the brand page over the years, it was launched on Facebook on July 8, 2009; in December 2011, it reached the 1 million mark, and shortly a year after, on October 23, it held its spot as the no.1 brand page in the Philippines, with 2 million likes. Hooray! NESCAFÉ shared that from the time it hit a million fans, it has been adding over a thousand fans every day, and now that they’re at 2 million, fans grew daily by over 3,000 likes.

NESCAFÉ Philippines has shown that constant engagement and genuine interest in fans’ opinions will not only earn mass respect, but also garner love. Undoubtedly, the brand’s efforts to add local flavor to its Facebook posts have paved the way for this social media success. Understanding what matters such as friends, families, celebrations of life and love are what brought NESCAFÉ closer to the hearts of Filipinos. Still, NESCAFÉ Gold is the best coffee for me.
For more information NESCAFÉ Philippines, visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

Enjoy the moment, have a cup of Nescafé Coffee! (“ ,)

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