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One Way to Make a Teacher Better is to Learn Online

Nowadays, where internet is almost a necessity in every home, accessing to the wide array of information is within reach, that is helpful to all the people who is hunger for knowledge. Most students of today rely on the details they’re getting when they search a certain topic in the internet. Good thing, that there are numerous reliable sites that would help them understand and give them an immeasurable knowledge that would lighten their vast ideas.

Thanks to the internet, as educators of today as well, have an advantage on this technology. Teachers have now an access to the wide array of information that can help in their profession. However, teachers also have to keep in their minds that they should look and read articles online from the trusted sites since many sites and blogs are popping out loaded with certain and uncertain details, that as a reader, should have to weigh things if this is reliable or not, well, I must say, a trial and error learning.

Meanwhile, upon randomly searching and looking for something online, I stumbled upon on the Be Better Website. For me, the site title is catchy and this is what almost of us is looking and aiming for – to BE BETTER. As I navigate the website, I was surprise on how they wanted the teachers of today to be better having a trustworthy website that would boost up their knowledge. I graduated from a public school and during those days access to the internet was too costly and 70-80% of knowledge gained was through books but since Be Better site is up and running you’ll now have an access to almost everything.

Furthermore, “Be Better” tries their best to put together useful and insightful articles, as well as reports and statistics of the Philippine education settings, which they hope that will guide teachers in their professions. Indeed, a Better Education Thrives Through Effective Reading which is available online for free. Even though I am not a teacher by profession, I always love to read inspiring articles that can help me reach my goals and dreams to have a better future. On this site you’ll have an access to free articles on a variety of topics like teaching tips, book features and profiles of writers and other educators that you look as an epitome of your future.

I’ve read an article “How to discourage cramming,” and I wish this site do exist when I’m still at school. Why? It has a lot of advises that will help students or even me to have a proper time management and prevent a non-healthy behavior. In most cases, I still do cram whenever projects were on a tight deadline which leads to defect and unhappy clients. But I know, it is not yet the end of the world, I still have time to Be Better, even though I am not already a student, some advises will take me to good light to have a better future, but most especially, a better ME.

As we all know, learning is a step by step process, both for the teacher and the student and of course to everyone, that’s why Be Better will be there to be our companion. By the way, you can sign up for its regular newsletters to stay up to date and they have Facebook Page for faster access to knowledge and learning.

Knowledge is Power and Reading is BETTER! ^_^
Happy Weekend!

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