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What is Digichive and All About Phillipine Airports

What is Digichive and All About Phillipine Airports
NAIA - Philippine Airport - (Source)
I’ve been to Philippine airports for several times every year, as traveling is one of my passions and I have a bucket list of destinations here in the Philippines and abroad. I’ve been hearing, seeing and reading several rants regarding our airports and sad to say, that those rant still remains rant. Sometime last year, Philippine airport especially the NAIA tagged as the worst airport in the world. Couldn’t help it but sigh - long lines, long walk going to the plane, dirty toilet to name a few are some of the negative image our airports have – as a taxpayer, I am expecting that I could experience at least good service and amenities but that thing is way too far from reality. 

Meanwhile, a relative came from Australia said that our airport is not the worst for her so far since she already been to different foreign lands already, could not be the worst maybe but needs a lot of improvements though on which I totally agree.

However, these past few days I've been hearing commotions about Digichive Philippines. What and who is Digichive? Well, I found nothing, Goggle didn't find any answer other than it is located at San Juan, Manila. Oh boy, they also has an LinkedIn account but sad to say that the only information available is that they are a Marketing and Advertising Agency. Based on articles I've read,  Digichive Philippines a private company that has been managing and taking care of placing advertisement at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport for 5 years in a row. In span of that, they paid Manila International AirportAuthority (MIAA) amounting to P13.5 Million every year.

What is Digichive and All About Phillipine Airports
Inside NAIA - (source)
And this year, even though they wanted to re-bid and offered to pay more than P100 million, San Juan RTC decided to give a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) as requested by this private-unknown-ad agency Digichive and restraining MIAA from awarding the project to the winning bidder.

I must say, everything seems OKAY. So, where did the money goes? With that P13.5 million a year, it would be reasonable enough to start little by little but surely gives a noticeable improvement to our airports and P100M is a huge amount already to settle good things in our airports so our tourists and most especially, us, Filipinos, would enjoy and experience a truly “It’s More Fun in the PHILIPPINES.” If the government really do their job, travelers like me will be enthusiastic to invite tourists and promote Philippines.

Hoping that our government would do something about this, since they’re the persons behind all of this, and they’re the first contact whenever a certain project will soon to rise, and hopefully they will consider the Filipino Countrymen’s benefits on this who voted and put them on a position first, before considering their own pocket (reality bites!). Calling, calling P-NOY every Juan is looking for your Matuwid Na Daan and yet nothing happens.

Have Great Day Ahead! 

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