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The Posh Traveler’s Beach Essentials

The Posh Traveler’s Beach Essentials, Sunblock, Beach, Beach Hut Sunblock

I know there are a lot of things we consider when packing for a beach getaway. However, these are my top three beach essentials that I always write on top my “things-to-bring” lists whenever I have an out-of-town getaway or a day road trip.

Must Have! Any brand would do. The higher the SPF the better. It’s must that we should took care our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Even if you wanted to get tan, still, put some SPF on your skin to avoid hurting and uncomfortable sunburn.

Any brand would do as long as it has UV Rays Protection. As long as we wanted to take good care of our skin, we should also consider taking care of our eyes from the sunrays. I must say that it is nicer to walk and have fun under a dazzled free sunshine.

Havaianas and Ipanema are my best buds in terms of flip-flops. Well, walking on the shore could be fun with flip-flops. Plus, it could help you out on building your sand castle. ^_^

That’s It! My top three must have beach essentials for a worry-free getaway!

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Love, The Daily Posh


  1. I love the beach! And what I can add to your list is lip protection. I use Armada lip balm with spf 60. =)


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