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My InstaWeek

Yihee! I was able to create my Instagram Account, finally! ^_^ 
So Guys & Gals, follow me at for daily update, pretty please? Yes!

Meanwhile, I wanna share with you dearies my one week in instagram and here are the photos I captured last week. It’s more of my life, blog events, travel and anything under the sun.

The Daily Posh Instaweek, Instagram

First Row (left to right): Shekinah and I in a back ride of a tricycle in Caramoan. | Yours truly in Lahos Island, Caramoan, CamSur. | Your truly in CWC, CamSur. | Wakeboarding/Wakeboarder

Second Row (left to right): Swimming Pool in CWC, CamSur. | Boat ride going to Guijalo Port, Caramoan, CamSur. | Pinkberry Lime Yogurt Tasting in PinkBerry, Greenbelt5 – Blogger’s Event. | Greenbelt5

Third Row (left to right): Fitting my yellow gown to be worn at friend’s wedding. | Shamrock Otap from Cebu. | Keychains from Cebu | It’s Izza’s 6th Birthday

Fourth Row (left to right): New Lippy from Tita Susan | Caesar Salad of California Pizza Kitchen | California Pizza Kitchen in Greenhills | view in my office.

Hugs & Kisses,

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