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6th National HR Summit: Talent Management to Sustain Growth

Howdy Guys and Gals! As I stumbled upon on the National HR Summit website, I found out that the HR Great Gathering 2013 is happening on August 1-2, 2013 at Crowne Plaza Galleria. Well, another prodigious event that we shouldn't miss especially for HR Practitioners, HR Professionals, Managers, CEO and even to those Supervisors like me who want to learn some tips and technique on how to sustain growth – individually and by peers.

When: AUGUST 1 – 2, 2013 at 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Who: HR Practitioners, HR Professionals, Managers, CEO

For the pricing (POWERMAX CONSULTING GROUP, Inc.), kindly see below which is inclusive of Seminar Kit, Certificate, Lunch and AM/PM Snacks. Plus, you get a FREE LABOR CD (Labor Code of the Philippines + Kasambahay Law + 2013 DOLE Issuance. This invaluable material is immensely helpful for everyone involved in labor or HR. It has a treasure of information and references which you can easily access):
Early Bird Rate – P 7,995.00 + VAT (until July 19, 2013)
Regular Rate – P 8,795.00 + VAT (starting July 20, 2013)
Group Rate – P 7,600.00 + VAT per pax (5 pax or more)

At minimal cost, we will learn Talent Management to Sustain Growth, The Future Work, Talentship and Sustainability – A New HR Paradigm, Identifying and Developing High Potentials, A Must: Coaching Program, WLP in Talent Management, Generating Employee Engagement Thru Exemplary Leadership, A Must: Wellness Programs for Life Balance, and A Must: Pre-empting Discipline and Grievance during the Day 1 of the Summit. At Day 2, Developing Personal Magnetism, Coaching for Results, Talent Development Strategies, Work Life Balance to Sustain Employee Engagement, Leadership Development and Succession Planning, Strategic HR Programs: Offensive or Defensive?, Executive Integration Charting the Path to Success, Best HR Programs and Practices in Talent Management and OD on Innovation and Creativity.

Information overload on a 2-day Summit! The most interesting topic for me are as follows:
Talent Management to Sustain Growth. Yes! In order to be successful on my new Job Description as a Supervisor, I, myself should know the proper talent management that could help me sustain growth, not just for me but also with my peers. As the new challenging task assigned to me, I need to learn the basic how tos, dos and don’ts to be coherent on my position.
A Must: Coaching Program Generating Employee Engagement Thru Exemplary Leadership. Well, it is self-explanatory. I believe that a person behaves through their leaders’ action. By providing a good source of knowledge, as well as passion towards work, I bet your peers, team, people will do the same. It is just setting an example. Implementing rules that a leader should obey first – a saying “Practice what you preach” – is, I think, exact to be inserted here.
A Must: Wellness Programs for Life Balance. I've been in a situation wherein I look at my job as a toxic one. I became unhappy on what I’m doing thus; the result of it was delivering my projects compromising its quality which also affects my performance, as well as, bonus, since it is calculated based on my semi-annually and annual performance. Life balance is the important key on man’s success that’s why I really need to study or at least learn the proper way of having a life balance for me to able to teach them (my team) ‘coz what is good for me may not be advisable to others.

Oh boy! Such a lengthy post hopes that I don’t bore you to death. I’m always talkative when it comes on learning and for the opportunity of acquiring knowledge like this. And before I end my post, please watch the video below.

For more information, visit
Happy Monday! Always have the positive vibes!

Hugs & Kisses,


  1. That’s a lot of information to be acquired just by attending on this 2-day summit. I’ll share this with my colleague. Thanks for letting us know about this great opportunity

  2. I think majority of the intended audience here in the seminar are those in the field of HR and Systems. I actually had a project to map and analyze the processes of HRM to bring people and the organization together from Recruitment to Retirement. Talent Management was one of the areas we closely studied. As talent occupies center stage in the workplace, managing and retaining manpower is crucial to the organization's success. Also, HR professionals cannot ignore changes in technology. So as an IT professional, I have to help them (training folks) evolve to become a strategic partners and advocators of learning in developing employee’s performance and decrease turnover.

  3. I would love to come here but I can't afford those prices haha

  4. 2-day summit with these included topics are really a great help! Thanks for sharing this to me. More power.

  5. the seminar looks to be a great opportunity as it has lots of topics to be covered. after checking of whats included in this 2-day summit, the hefty price must be worth it after all!

  6. @Aix: Hi Aix! Thanks for dropping by! And yes, please spread the news.

    @Rochkirstin: Hi Roch! Wow! That's great! In an IT World, nothing is really definite, as the time passed by, it also changes its process.

    @Controversialcomments: Hi! I hope that they would give free slot.. Hmmm, raffling off, maybe.

    @Yashi: Hi Yashi! Thank you for dropping by!

    @Yani: Hi Yani! Yes it is! Thanks dear!

  7. This should be a must for every HR oriented business , management , executives, and employees due to personalities involved and topics that is prevalent for this time and age.


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