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Holdak Chicken - Fall in Love with Boneless Korean Chicken!

 As a foodie, trying something new is in the go.  Well, I am lucky that P supports my food adventures as he also loves to eat and always on the go to try anything and something new when it comes to food. Recently, we’ve tried the boneless Korean chicken near his place – Holdak Chicken – which is located at G/F Mezza Residences, Sta. Mesa, Manila City. Its location is right beside Starbucks Coffee and the very 1st Holdak Chicken branch in the Philippines.

Holdak is a fast casual restaurant that specializes in authentic Korean fried chicken. The succulent boneless chicken fried and mix with Holdak’s special sauces emphasizes its original Korean flavors with a twist which I found way better than the other Korean chicken fast-food chain.

You may ask, what does Holdak mean? Holdak comes from the Korean phrase Holdak ban hada which means “to fall deeply and madly in love with someone or something,” while the work Dak in Hangul (Korean language) means “Chicken.” So the name “Holdak Chicken” play on words that means “to deeply fall in love with chicken.” And I assure you that once you taste it you madly fall in love with their sumptuous chicken and go gaga over it. It’s an addiction, afterwards!

Let me introduce to you the four addicting variants that are made with high quality chicken thigh fillets to ensure flavorful and juicy chicken in every bite with its unique flavor.

The original Korean style fried chicken recipe sauce with a unique Holdak taste with a perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors gives your tongue as well as your empty tummy a heavenly satisfaction.

Spicy Yang-Nyam
This is the same with Yang-Nyam but with an added kick of spice. And when I say spice, it is really meant for spice lovers and I bet extra rice is not enough!

Topped with freshly sliced spring onions, this sauce is the culmination of the different Korean flavors flawlessly infused together to bring a zesty Asian flavors that is uniquely Holdak. How to eat this? A slice of Holdak Fried Chicken topped with spring onions so you can taste the uniqueness of the sauce and one-of-a-kind flavor. This one is my second favorite.

Jack Daniels
My favorite! Do I have to explain further why? Ha-ha. As we all know Jack Daniels is my favorite drink and having this onto food is such a rewarding treat. Holdak’s best seller! Jack Daniels is topped with caramelized onions to complement its light and sweet taste; this is the Holdak’s version of the world famous sauce adjusted to fit the Filipino appetite. This variant is a MUST TRY!

Aside from their extraordinary flavored authentic boneless Korean chicken, Holdak also serves side dishes that will complement their four special sauces. Some of those are the curry fries, pajeon, the one-of-a-kind and only Holdak has it – Cheese Ramen, this ramen is to die for! Actually, I don’t categorize it as a side dish ‘coz cheese ramen alone is already feels like I’m on the cloud 9 and of course they also have salad with a very flavorful dressing.

 Cheese Ramen


If you want to try something new and eat an authentic Korean chicken, then Holdak Chicken is a must try. I just hope that they open new branch accessible to all, perhaps in Makati Central Business District or somewhere in the north. Holdak Chicken does not only flavorful in the outside just like the other Korean chicken available in the market wherein if you remove the oily chicken skin, the chicken meat has already no taste. Holdak is much ahead when it comes to taste because what you tasted outside is also the same even if you remove the outer part. I must say that they really marinated their chickens so well.

By the way in terms of service and interior design, Holdak Chicken also has it. The staffs are so friendly and always wear their beautiful smile and assist you on everything. The ambiance is clean, the interior is inspired by Myeongdong, one of the most commercial districts in Korea where people go to eat, drink and play. A bit smaller though. Meanwhile, the store is full during lunchtime because its patrons are the students of nearby schools and universities, so expect that there would be long line. To know more about Holdak Chicken, kindly like and follow them on the following accounts - Facebook & Instagram.

Holdak Chicken
Ground Floor Mezza Residences
Aurora Blvd. corner Araneta Avenue
1113 Quezon City, Philippines

Opens Mondays to Sundays, 9am to 11pm
Budget: P150 - P200 per person

Have a blessed Sunday, Tomorrow is a new beginning, so better start your week right!



  1. i have yet to try holdak! :) I think i'll like the jack daniels too :)

  2. Hi Berylle! You should try it! I'm sure you'll like jack daniels!


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