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Hotel Staycation: InterContinental Hotel Manila – Day 3 + Expenses

Howdy Travelers! I do apologize if it took so long to finish my hotel staycation in Intercontinental Hotel Manila. I’ve been preoccupied of a lot of things but mostly work-related stuff that needs too much attention and a lot of effort and energy. Though, I’m doing this post in between work.

For those first timers here, I’ve already posted about our deluxe room, what we did on our day 1 and why we had to extended our stay during our day 2. And here now, the final installment of the 3-part blog post installment about the staycation plus I am also including our expenses for having such wonderful bonding.

Because I am not staying for long because of an after lunch event that I need to attend, I see to it that I am going to swim early in that morning. I don’t know yet what were the plans of the girls because some were not able to bring swimwear. Plus, since we still have buffet breakfast for two, we haven’t decided yet who will take it. But here’s a deal, whoever will go for the buffet breakfast, they have to buy breakfast for the others.

As I am preparing myself to go to swim, Yani woke up and then she decided to join me on my morning swim. Yehey, I am not doing it alone. Thanks Love! Mr. Sunshine shines so brightly at that time, thus, we had a perfect swimming session

After an hour, the two girls also went down to have some photo ops with us. However, after several clicks, my slr emptied its battery. So it’s a sign to go back to our room and prepare for breakfast.

We decided than Kae and Andrej will take the buffet lunch, while Yani, Aix and I decided to have McDo or Jollibee breakfast meal courtesy of Andrej and Kae. Meanwhile, while waiting for our breakfast we just lie down to our comfy bed and watch several shows from different cable channel.

Ohh! The clock was ticking to fast that I have to go and cover an event – the SM City Manila Jeanology

As I mentioned earlier, here’s the total expenses that we had during our 3D/2N hotel staycation expenses in InterContinental Hotel. Quite expensive though but still we were able to save at least P4000 from the hotel accommodation as the rate that we got was a promo rate for the residents/locals.

DetailsAmount (PHP)
2N/3D Hotel Accommodation9,200
Dinner (Korean Resto in Greenbelt 5)3,200(5pax)
Additional breakfast for 2 on Day 12,632
Lunch at Buddy's1,400(5pax)
Breakfast for 3350
Total Expenses19,632

InterContinental Hotel Manila
1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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