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More Than You Wanted to Know about Crepes

If you’re looking for a twist on breakfast or a snack, or if you need a tasty meal to feed to guests at an event you’re hosting, you may want to consider making California crepes. The flexibility of the crepe makes it suitable for just about anything. Following is a little bit about where crepes come from and the variety of ways they can be prepared.

About Crepes
As you may have guessed, these thin and flexible pancakes are very popular in France. They’re typically prepared with flour, eggs, milk, butter, and salt. It is a very thin batter and spreads throughout a round pan. You can roll up just about anything inside of them. Typically, these are made with wheat flour and slightly sweetened when eaten for breakfast. They’re also prepared as a savory dish, using buckwheat flour. The flexibility of crepes makes them good for any time of day or any type of event.

Sweet Crepes
These thin pancakes are eaten as a sweet dish quite often. There is a huge variety of fillings and toppings you can use. For example, Swedish countries often prepare crepes with jam, fruit, or whipped cream. Some are even more basic, using butter, cinnamon, and sugar—akin to eating a soft churro for breakfast or dessert. Other popular sweet fillings include hazelnut spreads, peanut butter, and bananas. Any variety of fruit or fruit sauces can be used as well. You can give these typically chewy dishes a crunch by adding walnuts or almonds.

Savory Crepes
You can also serve California crepesas lunch or dinner. Think of the crepe as a replacement for bread. Common fillings include meat, like ham, chicken, bacon, or turkey. Cheese and eggs are also used frequently, which can be used for any meal of the day. Adding mushrooms, artichoke, spinach, or salsa can add a lot to the dish as well. You can even get more imaginative and create a dish with rice noodles and sesame sauce, giving an Asian twist to your crepe. Simply look online for recipes or look into caterers who serve a broad crepe menu to cater your event.

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