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More Than You Wanted to Know about Crepes

October 16, 2013 0
If you’re looking for a twist on breakfast or a snack, or if you need a tasty meal to feed to guests at an event you’re hosting, you may wan...

TRT Ladies at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

June 14, 2013 0
It’s been raining so hard yesterday at around 3pm ‘til night. However, this was not a hindrance for TRT Ladies to go on the planned meet-up ...


April 09, 2013 0
“Good things come to those who wait.”

Decadent Graduation Cakes at Café 1771

March 17, 2013 0
F rom the smooth and velvety to the sweet cakes without the guilt, Café 1771 presents its homespun cake creations by Pastry Chef Arnold Bau...

My Sweet Dining Experience at Sweet Bella

December 11, 2012 0
Howdy Guys and Gals! No more diet for me, well, I guess, It’s better to exercise regularly that to deprive myself from eating good and food...

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