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The Perfect Wedding Dress for Every Body Type

Want to find out what’s the best gown for your big day? Well, choosing the best gown really depends on your body type, so it is better to know your body first to have a perfect fit. The below article is written by Monica Nolan, kindly read on and know how you were able to look exquisitely fitted in your gown.

It’s your wedding day and all eyes are on you! You have your makeup done, hair perfected, and the dress you have been dreaming about your whole life. But… lets backtrack a little bit to the day you picked out that wedding dress. When choosing the perfect dress for your big day, you should embrace your body type and flatter it by trying out different silhouettes and styles. If you don’t know your body type, both Impression Bridal and David’s Bridal can help you figure that out and show you suggested styles to flatter your body.

Pear Shape
If your hips are wider than your shoulders, you are pear shaped. To compliment this body type, an elegant ball gown style and A-line wedding dresses will look amazing, as they both bring attention to the upper body. Halter and one shoulder tops are perfect for bringing the focus to the top half of the dress.

Apple Shape
If your shoulders are wider than your hips, you have an apple shape. In this case you want to draw attention away from your shoulders and down to your bottom half. Dresses that have flared and flowy skirts give the illusion of more balance between the upper and lower body. A V-neck can be useful in disguising broad shoulders.

If you have hips and shoulders that are similar in width and a defined waist, then you are blessed with what is known as the classic hourglass shape. You can play up your naturally curvy shape with a great sheath gown or other fitted dress.

Full Figured
If you are more of a full figured woman all over, then you'll look great in an A-line or princess dress. Empire waist dresses can also be very flattering. Flared skirts look great and give balance with your upper body. Avoid wearing dramatic ruffles and go with light smooth fabric instead of heavier fabric that can sometimes make a bride look larger.

There you have it! I was enlightened with this write up. Now, I know what’s best suited for me, having a Full Figured body type. I hope that it helps you as well!

Happy Monday!
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