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Three Great Deliverable Gift Options

There are always times where you want to give someone a gift but it simply isn’t reasonable or possible to give them one in person. There are also times you just want to surprise someone close to you with a gift delivered by a professional company. There are many companies, like, that do just this. Many people only consider sending flowers, but there are many other choices available. Here are a few.

You may not think that dinner is an option if you live far away, but consider all of the restaurants that deliver. You don’t actually have to live there to order the food. Many places will let you pay over the phone. How surprised would someone be to have a pre-paid dinner show up on their door step? This can be a great way to show someone you care and are thinking of them.

Gift Certificates
Though this might not be delivered by a professional company, the mail can be delivered right to their door. You don’t have to go to the post office to pay shipping, get a big box, etc. It is an easy gift that anyone can use. It can also be slipped right into a card. It makes it easy and convenient for both you and the recipient. A gift card could show that you are really thinking of them and not just sending simple generic flowers. Get them a card to somewhere they love, or consider a massage or something else relaxing if they need a quick break.

Cookie Baskets
Who doesn’t like sweets arriving on their front door? Instead of sending someone flowers, make a nice gesture by sending some cookies to them. They are much more practical than flowers, and your recipient will be thrilled. You can get a dozen of their favorite cookies, or you can get a cookie basket with an assortment of flavors for them. Places like make it possible for you to send great dessert without worrying about them crumbling on the way. Deliver some cookies and you are sure to deliver some smiles.

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