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Makeover via Revlon Roaming Limo!

In terms of makeup and beauty products, I am such a late bloomer! I used to live a boyish life way back in college wherein sneakers, loose shirts, faded jeans and pony-tailed hair was my daily getup. No drama, no colour, just plain laid back me.

But times as passed by, many things have changed. Some stuff that not necessarily should be taken in but life requires to. And with that said, I want to highlights makeups/beauty products here. Yes, I can go outside our home without putting anything on my skin, everything’s bare on which during these days I can’t do the same anymore. Why? Well, somehow, I was inspired by the woman, I think in her 60’s, I met in the gym. She said to me that, “Every day we have to look good because we don’t know what will happened next. And by looking good, it has to be something for you, not for others but for YOURSELF.” Yeah, that’s right! Thus, here I am, embracing the world of being the better version of myself.

Meanwhile, just a perfect timing of embracing the world of beauty, I got an invite from Revlon. Yihee! Revlon Cosmetics that has been in the forefront of the beauty products since 1930’s came up with an amazing idea – the Revlon Roaming Limousine! Yes Darlings! Beauty on the go it is and luckily was able to tried it last last week with my friends – Yani and Aix. It has a flat screen TV, couch, well; it was like a mini salon. Thanks Nines for inviting us over! (“ ,)

Oh well, we got to try every product Revlon has. From nail polish to foundation to their new CC cream. Unfortunately, CC cream is not for me for now because of the oily skin that I have.  First, hair stylist assigned to me was Moning, she styled my hair with big curls that make it a sophisticated look. My hair here is so classy and elegant. (Lakas maka-Madam!)

Afterwards, it’s time for my makeover. Ms. Geraldine Carlos who’s been in Revlon for quite some time did my makeup. As she applies the products on my bare face, she also explains about the proper way of putting makeup. And of course, since I am having a hard time and quite frustrated with my brows, I asked her on how to properly apply it. So, after that makeover event I am now able to apply some lines and to enhance my brows. Hooray for me, Thank you!

 with Ms. Geraldine Carlos

And voila, here’s my look after the makeover.

 with my friend Yani 

The Revlon Roaming Limo is an on-ground awareness, trial, sampling and selling platform. Here, you were able to try Revlon products. You can also have your makeover upon purchase of Revlon products and experience the Makeover via Revlon Roaming Limo! They will visit areas with high foot traffic such as Business Hubs, Universities and Colleges and many more. So better watch out for it as it might visit the areas near you!

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