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Hana Hair Show #NoFilterBeauty

Hana brings the beauty of nature to hair care and launched it in a most luxurious way. The city’s busiest people found an oasis at the launch of HANA by leading Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu. HANA is the newest player in the beauty category.

During the event proper. Spotted: Allison Harvard and my ultimate girl crush, Lucy Torres-Gomez
Harnessed from nature by the technology of LION Japan, Hana believes in hair and body care the way nature intended it to be. Hana products are made with 100% natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients to achieve another kind of beauty called Healthy Beauty.
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HANA is about promoting healthy beauty and the beauty of nature. The brand believes that healthy beauty from nature is beautifying, restorative, and continues to take care through time.

Models wearing Joey Samson creations.
Modern day deities flaunted their beauty as they walked the lush Japanese-inspired runway at the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati on February 4. With their crowning glory shining at their brightest, each model gracefully showcased classic collections from famed designers Joey Samson, JC Buendia and Randy Ortiz. But unfortunately my phone’s battery got emptied thus I don’t have videos and photos of Randy Ortiz collections.

And here's the video for MEGA Magazine and Joey Samson:  
The highlight of the night was made epic by the diverse display of hair, from loose braids, natural curls and wispy straight. Gone is the constricting, avant-garde styled hair towering over heads of the models. The Hana hair show exemplified that beautiful hair can be achieved the natural way with any hair type with any style.
Models wearing JC Buendia creations.
As hair was made the main focus of the show, each publication injected their own unique signature in displaying the hair for their segment. Preview opened the segment by celebrating healthy beauty with a no frills minimalistic approach allowing the mane to fall smoothly and naturally. Mega took cues from modern oriental influences; letting the hair shine in a voluminous, bouncy and airy way creating ethereal-like hair styles. 
And here's the video for PREVIEW Magazine and JC Buendia:
Meanwhile, the event also served as the kick-off launch of Hana Shampoo’s latest digital campaign “#NoFilterBeauty”. In this day and age, when almost every photo uploaded is masked with filters and airbrushed to perfection. Hana encourages women to be beautiful in the most natural way. Like nature taking its course, Hana is focused on finding beauty through a healthy daily routine to achieve long term sustainable beauty.

More so, here are the Hana products.
from l-r: Hana Conditioner, Hana Anti-Dandruff, Hana Sakura Bloom Body Wash, Hana Citrus Sensation Body Wash,
Hana Liquid Hand Wash, and Hana Soft & Silky
Hana Soft & Silky. Contains R-essential that holds in moisture and prevents dryness 
Hana Anti-Hairfall. Has sophora root extract that protects the hair’s outer layer to control hair fall 
Hana Anti-Dandruff. Gently cleans scalp to remove pollutants and irritation 
Hana Conditioner. Gently cleans scalp to remove pollutants and irritation 
Hana Hand Wash. Anti-Bacterial Foam cleanses hand sand provides 12-hour protection 
Hana Liquid Hand Wash. Its soft lather creates fresh feeling after wash 
Hana Floral Delight Body Wash. Keeps skin soft and smooth 
Hana Citrus Sensation Body Wash. Re-energizes skin while leaving it soft and supple 
Hana Sakura Bloom Body Wash. Rejuvenates skin and leaves charming scent

I bet you’ll find your perfect match with these Beauties of Nature. For more details, kindly like Hana Shampoo and Conditioner on Facebook.

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  1. I was just reading your article and trust me it was all worth written. You have mentioned it really well.

  2. I think Hana Smooth and Soft is for me.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Hi Pauline! I'm using the Hana Anti-Dandruff and loving it! Thanks for dropping by sweetie.


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