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Celebrate Life, Celebrate with Goya

one of the games was to decorate a cake using Goya chocolates.
The happiest and sweetest event I’ve been to so far! Yeah, I’ve been to wonderland where chocolates were unlimited. Got all you want, as long as you can munch it, go! Last Thursday, February 20, it was one of my busiest days in my life. From work where I have to clean out and get rid of those backlogs to events related to my blog, well, everything was covered from food to lifestyle to travel. Anyways, that’s the day that I won’t regret and I must say that filing an under time ahead of time at work was worth it.

Pretzel Twists in Goya chocolates and Goya BITS Crispy
 Going back to the happiest and sweetest event, thanks Richard! It was a fun and sweet-filled night as Goya celebrates Life. And what more can you think of when you have to celebrate life, well, for me, I have to celebrate with the sweetest goodies that would fills my heart with joy and happy memories. Thus, Goya’s aim for that so it created an event that would let us be a kid again, indulge with variants of Goya’s chocolate while chatting and having fun with Kim Chiu. Sounds good? Yeah, it was!

more chocolate, please?!
Goya Chocolate Buffet!
the crowd having fun
Goya Choco Syrup and more chocolates
A daily dose of chocolates, especially the dark ones, for me helps to unleash stress. That’s’ why, I see to it that I have stocks of chocolates in my pedestal/bin in the office so whenever unhealthy thoughts and feelings arise, there’s something that can help me revive my losing energy and bring back the beautiful sunshine in my day. And I do believe that every happenings in our life is worth celebrating – whether good or bad. We don’t need a holiday to celebrate our lives’ joys, no matter how small or big they may be.

Kim Chiu, Goya's Celebrity endorser
And Goya, the nation’s preferred chocolate brand, shows the way in celebrating life’s simple pleasures and events as it holds “Celebrate Everyday with Goya,” an evening that promises to be uncomplicated yet fun-filled, and where everyone can enjoy their daily accomplishments in the company of friends and colleagues and of course, taste the delicious chocolate-y treats that Goya prepared for us. Can you imagine a chocolate buffet, filled with Goya’s all-time favourite products where you can have them as much as you want? I’m such a kiddo and that’s the happiest thing to do

Goya chocolates, best for pasalubong and sharing.
Every day we work tirelessly for our family and loved ones and whenever we accomplish something, it is but fitting to celebrate it in our own way, whether alone or with friends. Celebrating our life’s events helps make us more positive and therefore allows us to be even more motivated to continue and pursue our objectives and dreams,” explains Goya General Manager Josenilo Chincuanco. He also explains that the road for Goya was not easy and it took a lot of effort from both management and workers to bring Goya back to where it once was, in a level where it can effectively compete with other more established brands already in the market.

time for wacky pose with Kim Chiu
 Which is why, he said, that the “Celebrate Everyday with Goya” event is the company’s own way of thanking its supporters and the media for continuing to patronize Goya and recognizing the efforts to uplift Goya’s potential to even greater heights and be able to go head-to-head with competitors in terms of taste but at a wallet-friendly price level. And I such am a lucky gal to be part of it.

blogger friend Ruth | and Kim Chiu
Kim Chiu, TV host and actress,  Goya’s celebrity brand ambassador was also present and actively participated in the events on which one of those is to have a wacky pose with her. Goya now offers wide-array of products from chocolates bars, to dragees, chocolate covered-pretzel twists, chocolate wafers and even chocolate spreads.  All manufactured using Swiss chocolate-making technology.

For certified chocolate aficionados out there, visit the Goya Chocoholics Facebook fan page at



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  2. Hi Ruth, Love! Your welcome, see you soon!

  3. Well done & Good luck for the Goya Team !!!


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